3 best rubber stamp type to fit all your needs

Due to being convenient and easily accessible, stamps have become popular amongst both the working population as well as members of the public. Ranging from numbers to alphabets, to decorations and carvings, stamps are made to fit in with all sorts of occasions and purposes. But how do you know which would be the best rubber stamp for you?

Never fret, here is a list of the most popular rubber stamps in the market today and how they are best used:


  1. Mounted/ Unmounted rubber stamps


These stamps are considered the most traditional of stamps, given that most people are familiar with them. Mounted rubber stamps are usually supplied with wood handles while unmounted rubber stamps come in just the part required to dye. You can choose to use substitute or alternative measures to create a grip on the unmounted rubber stamps.

These stamps are good for imprinting images on fabric to create patterns due to their deep engraved grooves. Easy to use and durable, they are available in a vast variety of designs. If you choose to go for unmounted rubber stamps, you will find that they can conserve more space as well.

The drawback of these types of stamps however, is that you are required to invest in an ink pad so as to be able to use them effectively.


  1. Self Inking rubber stamps


Self inking rubber stamps are rising in popularity as of late. Unlike traditional stamps, self inking rubber stamps do not require separate ink pads as they contain a spring-loaded one on the inside that is usually reversed when not in use.

What’s good about self inking rubber stamps is that they are refillable and mess free. The way they are constructed makes it easy to repeatedly stamp on items without having to stop. The end results on paper are also clean and clear, making it a favoured type of stamps for the working population.

3 best stamp type

  1. Flash stamps


Flash stamps, otherwise known as pre-inked stamps, are the most expensive out of the stamps listed here. Despite so, they are well received in the sales market. This is because the impressions they make are far sharper and clearer than the above mentioned, and highly recommended for logo stamps.

They also come with oil-based ink, which allows less smearing or smudging. It would still more or less remain comprehensible if exposed to water.

Posted on: July 16, 2015

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