4 Reasons Why Rubber Stamps are Still Important Office Tools

We’re fast approaching the advanced digital age and that means we’ll soon find ourselves navigating paperless offices and inkless work spaces. Nearly everything is computerized these days as they offer greater convenience, ease of storage, and speedy delivery.

It seems the humble office supplies have lost their place in the space they used to call home. However, workers will contest that the ever reliable rubber stamp will always remain an essential in any work space. There are countless benefits to the usefulness of the dying rubber stamp, and here are a few of them.

1. Printed Documents Will Never Get Phased Out
– In today’s world of digital documents, some people think that printed paper documents will soon become a thing of the past. But printed documents, while costlier and physically more difficult to send to readers, are an office essential that will always be needed by workers and executives. Some employees even find that they work better with documents they can hold. What’s more, printed documents make it easier to understand and grasp concepts, which helps executives and workers make better decisions. And, of course, where there are printed documents, there will always be rubber stamps. These simple tools of the office trade make it easier to deal with written and printed papers, thus saving the time and effort of a lot of employees.

2. They’re Easy to Order – If you want a personalized rubber stamp, all you need to do is send an image of the text, signature, or logo you want on your stamp and the manufacturer will do the rest for you. Rubber stamps are easy to order and not to mention very cheap.

3. They’re Highly Customizable
– Whether it’s your name, your signature, the company’s logo, catch phrase, or whatever else you can think of, there are countless personalization options when it comes to designing a rubber stamp. Unlike digital logos and images that need to be formatted and edited every time you add them to a document, rubber stamps are easier to place on your papers making the task a lot less tedious.

4. They’re Fast, Simple, and Convenient to Use
– Adding a signature, logo, or image to a digital document takes time, and in the office, we all know that time is of the essence. Rubber stamps make it easy to personalize documents without wasting time moving images and texts on a screen. Simply press it into some ink and dab it on your paper. What’s more, rubber stamps can be kept wherever you need them to be – be it on your desk, around your neck, or in your pocket. That saves you time when you come across those co-workers and employees who just need an urgent signature or approval.

5. They Making Document Tracking a Cinch
– Some paper documents need to go through lots of processes and deliberations before they can be printed as final copies. That’s why rubber stamps have become so popular with document tracking. Simply mark a paper “read”, “in need of revision”, or “approved”, and you get to save yourself some precious time.

Posted on: November 10, 2015

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