5 Alternative Dyes For Your Rubber Stamps

When it comes to rubber stamp design, every little design aspect alters it’s overall effect. From the essentials like the design work, right down to what material you use and what ink you use. And in the corporate industry, anything that allows you to stand out in a positive light is essential. Here are 5 alternative dye options for your rubber stamps that you can consider:

Dyes Rubber Stamp


  1. Archival Dye

Much like their name, archival dye inks are ideal for scrapbooking and other projects. Designed for versatility, archival dyes give users a free range to exert their creativity with a wide variety of colours that combine and contrast well. Not only that, they are ideal for corporate business since they are quick drying and permanent but also smear resistant and waterproof. This way, the quality of rubber stamped imprints last longer.

  1. Jacquard Dye-Na-Flow

Producing highly concentrated colours with high vibrancy and easy application, this fast drying dye works well with most materials including not only paper but also synthetic fabric like cotton or lycra.  With the right heat setting, the dye can become permanent. What’s more, this dye is easy to clean off your rubber stamps. Simply apply water before the dye dries and clogs up the rubber impression pad and allow it to run clean before drying for easy rubber stamp maintenance.

  1. Jacquard Pinata Colour

Jacquard Pinata Colour is considered an alcohol-based type ink that works on a multitude of surfaces- from glass, paper, to foil, rubber and leather! Waterproof and quick to dry, it’s efficient in making permanent marks with your rubber stamps. One of the inconvenient things however, would be that if you wish to maintain your rubber stamps, you will need to purchase the clean up solution from the same supplier.

  1. Ranger Dye Ink

Available in 12 different unique and vibrant colours, Ranger dye inks are known for being fade resistant, meaning to say that the marks made by rubber stamps will sustain longer compared to the average standard ink. Waterproof when dry, your mark will be retained well without any damage and remain vibrant for a longer period of time.

  1. Jacquard Lumiere

Suitable for most material like polymer, paper, fabric, canvas and even paper mache, Jacquard lumiere is fast drying, waterproof and permanent. Containing a soft subtle feel that has metallic sheens, this is a good choice to make if you want subtle finishings with your rubber stamp marks.

These 5 dye alternatives are recommended due to the qualities they hold that can be beneficial for rubber stamps. However, these are only just some of the whole list range of dyes out there you can try. The only thing to make sure to ask ink suppliers and craft store owners would be if the dyes require only soapy water or a specialised cleaning solution to clean dry ink residue from your rubber stamps.

Posted on: March 2, 2017

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