5 Basic Rubber Stamp Supplies Everyone Needs

basic-rubber-stamp Supplies Everyone Needs

Rubber stamps are some of the most affordable and versatile products one can continue to reuse for different activities for an indefinite amount of time. If you are looking for fun and easy ways to fuel the creative spirit in you while simultaneously catering to business needs, rubber stamps are definitely what you need. But apart from rubber stamps, there are also 5 basic rubber stamp supplies you should consider getting alongside your rubber stamps. Here’s what you should consider:

1. Cleaning supplies

While rubber stamps are generally easily maintained and washed with water and soap, it also depends on the type of ink you are using. Some inks, like permanent ink or oil based inks, are a lot harder to wash off and if left unattended to, can dry and become clumps. In order not to risk losing the crispness of your rubber stamp designs, you will need to purchase professional stamp cleaning solvents. Fortunately enough, they are accessible anywhere- from crafting stores to professional rubber stamp design stores. If you are buying rubber stamps, there is a likely chance you can get the stamp cleaners as a set.

2. Embossing Powders

Step up the fanciness of your rubber stamped products by incorporating embossing powders to the mix. Embossing powders are ideal for heat embossing since they are formulated with fine grains that melt to form slightly raised, glossy structures. When stamped onto different surfaces with rubber stamps, they create unique textures, colours and effects that are good for further experimentation. You can get embossing powders of single colour, mixed colours and other customisable options for your use!

3. Inks

The ink selection that are compatible with rubber stamps are so vast that one cannot help but be spoiled for choice. If you are a beginner, it’s recommended that you start with quick drying inks since it reduces smudging. But if you feel like taking on other types of inks, you can purchase them as well from rubber stamp suppliers and craft stores. These inks will give you an added advantage of creating better and new designs.

4. Material

The material you are applying your rubber stamps and ink can also be considered. You can use a whole range of different materials from wood, to glass and card stock. Experiment with different inks and material to see what you like best!

5. Additional colouring options

Apart from rubber stamp designs, you can also add more colour and effect with extra supplies. For example, markers and chalk. Chalk is good for subtle finishing options when combined with rubber stamps. If you are feeling particularly artsy, you can also try out different mediums like watercolour paint, fabric dye and more!

Posted on: August 28, 2017

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