5 brayer style rubber stamp techniques to accomplish

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Brayer style rubber stamps are amongst the types of rubber stamps that have been steadily receiving warmer reception throughout the years. With their ease of use and convenience, the brayer style rubber stamps are now used in a multitude of different manners, in a multitude of different projects. If you are considering purchasing a brayer type rubber stamp for yourself, here are 5 special techniques you can try out with these types of rubber stamps:

Ink Application

Brayer type rubber stamps are some of the best ink applicators in all crafting tool selections. These types of rubber stamps come equipped with rollers that work well to distribute even amounts of ink without over inking the material. If you want to create a sample of your name card design, or create a background for documents and other activities, you can do so by using these to roll ink onto the material. You can vary the effects by mixing up the amount of ink you are using, the types of inks you are using and how many you are using at one go.


You can also make use of brayer type rubber stamps to recreate different textures simply by placing objects in front of your material and rolling over them with the rubber stamp. For example, small textured items like lace, fabric, rubber bands and other assorted material. As long as they do not contain sharp edges that may potentially spoil your brayer’s roller, they can be used to create interesting textures for your material. Lightly roll over them with the rubber stamp and remove the materials at once upon finishing.

Decorative Paper

Brayer style rubber stamps are also a good option to use when you have decorative paper for unique effects. You can combine brayer type rubber stamps, decorative paper and other different types of paper together to form a unique texture for your end results. It’s also good to make references on what works best for you and apply that to your final craft for optimal results.

Embossed Images

The effect of ink application over already heat embossed images can prove to be rather fascinating. With a combination of ink texture, ink colour and embossing surfaces, the overall end result may prove to be even more rewarding than it already sounds. If you want a soft glowy, almost halo like effect, then this would be the best technique for you.

Acrylic Paint

Acrylic paint is another good medium to use when combined with brayer type rubber stamps. Especially when the material you are using is card stock. By using brayer type rubber stamps, you can even out a thin layer with the acrylic paint and use if to blend with different colour paints, which will recreate a marbled finishing and texture effect. You can even apply additional finishing options like mica powder to give your end result extra shine.

Posted on: August 3, 2017

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