5 Customised Rubber Stamp Ideas For Entrepreneurs

Laser Rubber Stamp
As an entrepreneur, your key challenge is making your mark in the industry without burning a large hole in your wallet. If you look, there are multiple opportunities to harness that can help you achieve that aim. One of these would be using customised rubber stamps. Here are some ideas to help you along:

1.Rubber stamp name cards

What better way to make an impression by incorporating two of your best marketing tools into one? Instead of a regular printed name card, you can add a hint of creativity and human touch by creating a name card template with your rubber stamp instead? It is guaranteed to get you noticed by different corporations on account that you care enough to put a little bit of your essence as an entrepreneur into a task like this.

2.Personal Branding

If you are an entrepreneur, then personal branding becomes one of your top priorities- what better way to do that than to design and use your personal logo? Especially when you are specialising in design or selling a product. You can make use of a logo on your customised rubber stamp and let it do the ‘market talk’ for you by placing it on your packaging and other material.

3.Contact form

How often is it that you see a contact form made in stampable form? Hardly and why not? Customised rubber stamps can be a nifty way to come up with a fill in the blanks format type of contact form that encourages interactivity between the consumer and yourself!

4.Signature stamps

Add personal touch to your business dealings with a customised rubber stamp design of your signature! You can even go for some unusual typography or ink colours to make your signature stamp stand out. This would be an interesting yet endearing way of revealing your creative yet professional side!

5.Office Supplies

Keep yourself and your documents organised with your own set of customised rubber stamps for important labels so that it can brighten up your day and ready you to tackle different tasks! You can even come up with custom symbols and create a little to do schedule for yourself to keep your progress on track!

Posted on: April 21, 2016

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