5 Daily Uses of Self Inking Rubber Stamps


Self inking rubber stamps are more useful than people give them credit for. Are you putting them to good use? What other areas can you use them for? Here are some ideas:

  1. Gifts

Gifts are a fundamental part of our lives regardless of how we adore or detest it. Self inking rubber stamps can actually be incorporated with simple customised designs for gift tags, gift wraps, and even become actual gifts!

  1. Decoration

Apart from the usual like decorating scrapbooks and the like, you can decorate fabric too! Give colour to an old shirt or apron, liven up your home by giving it a make-over using self inking rubber stamps, stamp them on old bags and more! You can even do that with your furniture, pillowcases, coasters and a lot other materials as long as you have the time and patience! It is a cost effective way of sprucing your apartment up!

  1. Events

Self inking rubber stamps are good to use during events! Stamp them on the hands of events that require entrance fees to keep track of your event goers. Use them on party items and coordinate the themes of your party material or add a human touch to your wedding invitations or birthdays and other important celebratory occasions!

  1. Crafts

What better way to engage your children with the wonderful world of creative arts and crafts than through stamps? Use self inking stamps to create messages on lunch bags for your children or as encouragement tokens for their chores! If you’re feeling extra creative, you can even use them as temporary tattoos for your children!

  1. Business

Apart from labelling and the conventional uses for self inking rubber stamps in business, you can also apply them in different areas like- thank you cards for your clients/investors, your name cards, envelopes, greeting cards, calendar marking and more!!

There are so many daily uses for self inking rubber stamps if you’re willing to invest the time in exploring their merits! Why not give some of these suggestions a go and open a new world of exploration for yourself?

Posted on: May 19, 2016

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