5 Elegant And Professional Rubber Stamp Borders

The uses of rubber stamps are endless when it comes to possibilities. Not only are they easily accessible, they also make design more attractive and convenient. Here are 5 elegant and professional rubber stamp border ideas that you can add to your rubber stamp collection:

Elegant And Professional Rubber Stamp Borders

  1. Decorative

Combine rubber stamps with decorative patterns that are repetitive yet elegant, for example: Lace, twining vines and other similar design patterns. These rubber stamp borders are ideal when it comes to making a statement without being too flashy. You can make use of these rubber stamp borders with name tags, or even incorporate it into your product packaging.

  1. Frame

Rubber stamp borders created with simple shapes, consistent lines and small symbols would work well as name card design borders as well! Stamp them onto your name cards for an added layer of intrigue and design. You can also use them to create important labels for your work documents and supplies.

  1. Corner Piece

These rubber stamp borders are interesting to say the least, since they can be applied to just two corners or all corners depending on the user’s choice. They are a good method to draw emphasis or add a touch of attractiveness to otherwise boring standard office documents. What’s more, they can also be added on with company logos to create an official mark for letters sent to customers and more.

  1. Colour

Combine official corporate colours with your rubber stamp borders when stamping office documents for a touch of additional urgency and authority. These rubber stamp borders are best combined with instructions or official statements like PAID, APPROVED and other relevant details. This can be used on more legal documents on a daily basis and you will be able to easily identify and sort through documents in less time needed.

  1. Line art

Much like frame type rubber stamp borders, line art style rubber stamp borders are a creative and engaging method of drawing emphasis to areas that you need attention paid to. They can double up as packaging details and be used as tags for different categories in your arranging of documents and more!

Posted on: January 12, 2017

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