5 Free Rubber Stamp Friendly Fonts To Try

Add a distinctive flair and let your rubber stamp design stand out amongst the rest with the use of other design components. Every little detail counts when it comes to altering the overall effect of your rubber stamp design- including what font you use. So here are 5 free rubber stamp friendly fonts for you to consider trying:

Rubber Stamp Friendly Fonts To Try

  1. Staubiges Vergnügen (Nihilschiz)

If you are looking for something that is both distinctive, individualistic and yet gives off a high tech vibe, then this is the right font choice for you. Created to emulate a grungy look, this font has a slightly faded appearance in it’s background so that the main font would be able to stand out. The main font appears in sharp edged thin blocky letters that emulate computer coding text.

  1. Stiff Neck (PointyDesign)

Deliberately hand scripted by creator PointyDesign, Stiff Neck font is designed to emulate decorative chalk work against a black background. If you are looking for a simple yet bold way of creating statements, then this is the right font choice to make. Stiff Neck works well for attracting the gazes of users so they can be used on a multitude of different things as well, including labelling.

  1. Mailart Rubberstamp (K-Type)

Inspired from the classical typeface clarendon condensed, this rubber stamp friendly font type is created with the subtle yet unique idea of combining standard traditional font with modern artistic flair. If you prefer to play on the same side without compromising your rubber stamp design, this could be the right font choice for you! The neat alignment could also work well when it comes to designing things since they can easily be arranged to fit.

  1. Save The Mini (Billy Argel)

Uniquely textured, this typeface is ideal for users who prefer minimalistic yet edgy designs. When paired effectively, the potential designs that one can come up with are endless. If you are looking for a daring yet elegant way of standing out, this font is ideal for you. Give it a try and structure your rubber stamp design around it to see!

  1. CF Quebec Stamp Font (CloutierFontes)

Specially designed and constructed in thick statement fonts, this font type is good for fanciful design and appearances. If you are looking for an artistic font with the highlight of it being type details, then this font is ideal!

Bear in mind that these are just some rubber stamp friendly font ideas to try out. Some of the creators of these fonts have specified that these are just for personal use and not for commercial use so if you intend to use them for commercial purposes, it would be best to approach the designers and liaise with them directly.

Posted on: March 9, 2017

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