5 Ideal carving boards for rubber stamp making

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Carving boards are one of the most essential products to acquire if you intend on creating your own customised rubber stamps. Cost effective, easily available and durable, carving boards are the best option when it comes to carving your own rubber stamp images by hand. However, with so many different brands and types of carving board out there, they can be rather difficult to choose from. So if you are a beginner trying to get a carving board for yourself, here are some recommendations to consider:

  1. Linoleum

Perhaps the most traditional of all carving boards, linoleum is the most commonly picked choice for rubber stamp designers. Due to it’s demand, a wide range of linoleum is currently available in both local and international markets, found easily in craft stores. Developments have also been underway to produce softer lino for better cutting purposes. Soft Lino is currently at a consistency that’s harder than specially formulated soft carving blocks, but are cheaper and sold in large economic sizes so users can split and cut the linoleum down to more pieces. If you plan to use linoleum, it is recommended to mount the rubber stamp onto an even surface like blocks or wooden mounts for better ink distribution.

  1. Speedy Carve

Produced by art material manufacturers Speedball Art Products, the speedy carve boards are designed and optimised for easy carving purposes. Popular due to the ease in cutting, users can make use of this to create intricate and highly detailed designs. If you are looking for good quality materials to use as a base for your rubber stamps, this is a good option to try out. Just take precautions and make sure to carve slowly since faster speeds means a likelihood that your tool slipping may happen.

  1. Erasers

These types of carving boards are also cheaper alternatives compared to others and can be bought from retailers or craft stores. These eraser carving boards are usually created with a variety of materials, so they usually require cutting in different methods. For example- art gum eraser type carving boards are softer and easier to cut but may crumble. One good thing about these materials are that you do not need to purchase special carving tools and can simply use a craft knife since they are easily parted.

  1. Ezy Carve

The Ezy Carve carving board is a special double-sided carving board type that allows rubber stamp designers to produce rubber stamp carving easily. A little more giving than linoleum, this is a good option to look for if you want a good quality carving board that is built for lasting long.

  1. Mastercarve

A top notch international manufacturing corporation known as Staedtler, has also created carving boards that are created from soft vinyl to maximise it’s potential for easy carving. If you are looking for high end results and good quality material, then the Mastercarve carving board is essential for you. While it may be priced at a higher range than most carving boards, the Mastercarve is versatile in it’s range of sizes and qualities.

Posted on: July 6, 2017

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