5 Popular Types of Common Seals


Common seals are an integral and necessary part of the office supplies you will find in a corporation. While they serve similar uses and functions, there are 5 types of common seals that you may or may not know about. And they are:

  1. Pocket Seals

Pocket seals are the most popular common seals used by corporations as they are favoured for their travel friendly nature and efficiency. You can assemble them quickly and use them just about anywhere to get a clean and clear embossed image. However, do note that because of it’s small size, the pocket seal can only accommodate a limited amount of material.

  1. Desk Embossing Seal, Short Reach

If you do not require to travel but are in a profession where you will need frequent embossing to authorise documents, then the desk embossing seal is for you. The desk embossing seal is a type of common seal for corporate users who are required to handle and emboss multiple quantities of material at each time.

  1. Desk Embossing Seal, Long Reach

Much like the short reach desk embossing seal, the long reach desk embossing seal is better suited for users who are required to handle a large volume of documents to be authorised. What is good about having a desk embossing seal with a longer reach is that it allows added depth, meaning to say you can make your impressions a lot deeper than a regular common seal.

  1. Notary Seal

A notary seal is a type of seal that is usually owned by local authority or a notary public- a legal public officer that serves in sectors like foreign/international affairs, estates and the like. The notary seal is an important seal and should only be used by the notary public for official acts.

  1. Logo Seal

Logo seals are a type of common seal where the focus is placed on embossing a company’s logo by way of authorising certain legal documents or procedures. This type of common seal is popular amongst many corporations as it is a quick and easy way of identification and can be used for multiple purposes, including branding.

These are the 5 types of common seals that are popular and constantly in demand. Do you know which type of common seal you are looking for? Hopefully knowing the different types can assist you in identifying your ideal common seal.

Posted on: April 28, 2016

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