5 Reasons To Invest In Self Inking Rubber Stamps

Investment for Self Inking Rubber Stamps

Self inking rubber stamps are vastly popular amongst users in the market for good reason. If you aren’t using them just yet, here are 5 reasons as to why you should invest in them. Read on to find out more and consider trying them out for yourself:

  1. Economical

Self inking rubber stamps are economical products and can be purchased from local rubber stamp suppliers at SME friendly prices. With the capacity to last users an average of 10 000 and more impressions before running out of ink, they are one of the most “value for your money” products start up corporations can invest in.

  1. Reusable

Another good thing about self inking rubber stamps would be that they reduce the overall wastage made by corporations since they are refillable and can be reused over and over. You don’t have to spend more in replacing it, and you contribute to preserving the environment by reusing and filling the self inking rubber stamps with water-based non toxic ink.

  1. Travel-friendly

Light, secure with a tight lid and reasonably sized, self inking rubber stamps are easy to carry around even while traveling. Easily store them in your pockets away from direct sunlight and you will be good to go. You can virtually travel with them and pull them out whenever you are required to do so without having to carry an extra ink pad to retrieve ink from like other rubber stamps. So for ease of use and convenience, self inking rubber stamps definitely come out as one of the top rubber stamp choices by SMEs.

  1. Accessible

You can find self inking rubber stamps virtually everywhere- from DIY craft stores, art stores and even rubber stamp suppliers themselves, you can find them at reasonable prices with different colours to meet your needs. You never have to worry about running out of them as production for self inking rubber stamps continue to grow since they are one of the easiest rubber stamps to use.

  1. Customisable

Self inking rubber stamps can be customised for corporate purposes. Make your own corporate stamps with self inking rubber stamps by customising it with your company logo and using it for official purposes. Not only that, you can choose to design and customise your self inking rubber stamps yourself or commission rubber stamp manufacturers to do so for you at affordable prices.
Self inking rubber stamps can benefit you in more ways than one. With all these factors to keep in mind, why not consider investing in some?

Posted on: October 13, 2016

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