5 Reasons To Try Out Digital Stamps

When you’re working under a tight budget but still would like to try your hand out at some crafting- then digital stamps are just the right kind of stamps for you.

Digital stamps are digital images that you can print- these stamps are mostly sold by rubber stamp or stamp provision stores as digital designs that you can download, often at inexpensive sums of money. You can also try using free digital stamps as well to make an assortment of crafts like cards and the like. They can be coloured with pens, inks and paint or more!

As free digital stamps are mass produced by a lot of interested designers and aspiring artists, there are often a lot of variety to choose from. So there is no worry whatsoever when it comes to searching for the right digital stamps to match your occasion or celebration. If you possess photo editing software, you can even resize or make minor editing to best suit your project too.

While there are free digital stamps that are free to download, do make sure to check and see if the ones you want are. Often times, the designers who designed these digital stamps are willing to let you use their design as they are looking for exposure. Though if you want a customised version, you may have to commission these artists or a professional rubber stamp design shop to do so.

There’s also something known as the Angel Policy to take note of. If you are downloading these free digital stamps from a website or a company, they will more or less have terms and conditions that will tell you the limitations or rules of using these stamps. For example- if you can use these digital stamps for commercial purposes like advertisements. As a way of protecting their own interests, selling the digital stamps as your own is not allowed. Please make a point not to do that as this is copyright infringement and you can face dire consequences.

But that’s all the serious stuff for now- here’s the fun part. If you’ve never tried using digital stamps in your craft, then why not give it a try now? Combined with traditional rubber stamping for an added effect. Digital rubber stamps don’t cost much, and sometimes can come free so not only do you save costs, you also stand to gain since you can colour or shade them as you please. You can also manipulate the design more easily as well and can be used in the place as traditional rubber stamps!

Posted on: August 25, 2016

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