5 Rubber Stamp Design Trends Of 2016

Laser Rubber Stamp
Rubber stamps can be of use in more areas than one. Liven up your environment and dealings with both function and design as you incorporate these popular rubber stamp design trends of 2016 in your daily routine:

1. Typography & Signature

Cut down on the hassle of having to go through a large amount of paperwork and personally signing them when you can be done in an instant with your very own custom signature stamp. You can also step up by personalising your own handwriting onto stamps as well. This way you can add an additional personal touch to authenticating business deals along with your common seal.

Typography centered rubber stamps are also a creative way to experiment with different designed fonts for arts and crafts. Or distinguishing your belongings from others.

4.UV Stamps

UV stamps are a neat and visually pleasing trend that is popular amongst party events solely for the excitement it brings out. As part of a marketing trend, corporations are also using them on their name cards or even invitations and the like to generate excitement or curiosity amongst potential clients by informing them of secret offers or giveaways through such a subtle yet interesting manner.


Simple elements like lines, arrows, basic shapes are subtle ways to enhance your product and brand by giving it an effortless elegance. It’s a delightful way to make notes and directions. Straightforward and simplistic enough to remain professional, yet aesthetically pleasing enough to brighten up your day.
On their own, these trends appear rather underwhelming. But when you combine these trends together, you can create numerous beautiful designs for your rubber stamp. When it comes to rubber stamp design, anything is possible and that is the beauty of it. Don’t be afraid to give these trends a try, and see what brilliant rubber stamp designs you can stun people with.


With social media on the rise, even rubber stamps have been introduced with selfies- images of people posing as they take their own picture. Selfie rubber stamps are an interesting personal touch that you can consider including in a festive thank you card to your customers and the like to form a personal connection with them.

3.Frames & Borders

Rubber stamps don’t always have to be comprising of words or logos, or even illustrations. They can also be used to make frames and borders for the aesthetic value of your product or name cards and the like. Think about the items that are related to your profession. For example, if you are a professional photographer or work in a cinema-related industry, you can use a cinema tape reel rubber stamp design on your documents and name cards. To top it off you can reuse the same stamp for scrapbook decorating!

Posted on: April 7, 2016

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