5 Rubber Stamp Designs To Use

The intrigue and strongest selling point of rubber stamps would be that they are so customisable. Every design idea is yet another possibility waiting to be created. If you are a big fan of stamps and creative design, here are some unique rubber stamp designs that you can try out for yourself:

Rubber Stamp Designs To Use

  1. Art symbols

Excluding your own company logo, there are other symbols relating to your corporation that you can use. For example: If you are a company that specialises in producing make up products, why not make use of rubber stamp designs that emulate lipstick, eyeshadow palettes and the like as part of your packaging design or name card design? It would certainly communicate the message and tell your clients what your company is about even before they look at information details.

  1. Mixed Colour

Apart from the design of the rubber stamp pad, colour also comes into play. Try out mixed colours to formulate a custom colour for your rubber stamps. Or a combination of colours to come out with a gradient like final effect on your stamped images. You can also try to emulate effects like watercolour with your rubber stamp ink.

  1. Borders

Borders can also be an interesting design element to create with your rubber stamps. You can use these borders over and over with other materials since stamped borders give a final appearance that is hard to recreate. You can also combine border designs with other custom rubber stamp design shapes for a more unique design.

  1. Texture

Rubber stamps can be designed to emulate certain textures as visual engagement. Try them out for yourself and see if you can recreate different textures to add onto your packaging or name cards and documents with your rubber stamps.

  1. Typography

We’ve seen rubber stamps being used on name cards, we’ve seen all manner of symbols, icons and designs on rubber stamps. Why not try coming up with typography as the main feature of your rubber stamp design? Typography is a text centered design, when explored properly there are many design aspects to text that one can apply. What interesting typography structure and design can you come up with?

These are some unconventional and unique rubber stamp designs that you can consider trying out for yourself. The world of rubber stamps is a delightful place since more and more products are being created everyday. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different rubber stamp designs and apply them in other areas.

Posted on: February 9, 2017

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