5 Steps To Choosing The Right Rubber Stamp Size

Before you begin with designing your rubber stamp, you must make sure to get the minor details right too. One of the most important factors of your rubber stamp should be the size- too small, and you’ll run out of space for your rubber stamp design. Too big, and storage as well as cost may be a problem. You want to pick the right rubber stamp size for your customised rubber stamps, here’s how to do so in 5 steps:

Choosing The Right Rubber Stamp Size

  1. Planning

Keeping in mind that you have a limited space to work with, plan and decide what information your rubber stamp should have: Do you want just a logo with your company name? Do you want an address stamp where your address and contact details are indicated? What information can you forgo and what information can you not do without? Once you’ve figured out what you want, then move onto the next step- Space.

  1. Space

When you commission a rubber stamp manufacturer to work with your customised rubber stamp design, there should be information given to you based on the rubber stamp type you are looking for. If not, be sure to ask the manufacturer. Make sure you know the height and width of the stamp. If you are intending to make address type rubber stamps, make sure you know how much spacing is between the lines of details and how many lines the rubber stamp can fit in.

  1. Structure

Come up with a basic structure for your rubber stamp- how do you want your information to be arranged around the size of the rubber stamp? Come up with a few arrangements and discuss with your rubber stamp manufacturer to see if they have any advice for you in terms of rearranging your rubber stamp details. If the rubber stamp size is ideal and you can fit your information in based on your desired arrangement, then that would be good. If not, you may either have to choose another rubber stamp size or restructure it again.

  1. Resources

If you are designing your rubber stamp yourself, there are actually online resources that you can use. Some rubber stamp manufacturers provide online free templates that users can download or make use of, where the layout structure and bleeding is already made ready. If you intend to purchase and make the rubber stamp together with this manufacturer, then use the templates that are provided. Every rubber stamp manufacturer makes use of different bleeds and requirements so make sure you stick to one if possible or adjust your rubber stamp design to fit.

  1. Manufacture

Once you are able to achieve all the steps above, your rubber stamp design should be safe to make. To play on the safer side, try designing and producing one first to gauge if everything is according to your desired result.

Posted on: January 19, 2017

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