5 Steps In Creating Layered Effects With Customised Rubber Stamps

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1. Design

Take a look at your customised rubber design– do you have an idea of how you want the layered effect to be applied? Do you want a specific section to be layered while the others are not? What are you using this layered effect for? Your name card design? On a document? Identify the basics of what you want and after you have that in mind, prepare the materials.

2. Preparation

What you would need to create the layered effect would be your customised rubber stamp, card stock material or whichever material you are using it on, an ink pad, water, and a spray bottle. You should be able to get the material at ease, though if you are up for some experimentation, you may want to consider investing in some ink refills as well.

3. Technique

This technique may require some trial and error if this is the first time you are trying this out. You can achieve the layered effect from spraying certain sections of your customised rubber stamp with water right before you stamp the image. Take care not to spray too much water, you only need enough to dilute the ink until it’s slightly translucent and runny. This is what creates the illusion of depth in your final product.

4. Finishing touches

Let the material dry first before continuing- stamp your rubber stamp image as usual, with ink this time so that the impression is strong and crisp. By repeatedly using this procedure, you will be able to recreate a layered effect. It may take some time to grasp just how much water you need to use so a safe recommendation would be to practice on paper first.

  • Clean Up

Once you are satisfied, make sure to wash your customised rubber stamp and wipe it dry. Make sure no moisture clings to the rubber portion when you store it away as you want to leave the rubber section in a good condition for more impression making.

With these procedures, you will be able to create the layered effect that is so highly desired using customised rubber stamps alone. The process may be a challenging one and requires patience, but once you are able to get a hold of it, the things you can create are plentiful!

Posted on: December 29, 2016

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