5 Things To Note When Using Clear Rubber Stamps

Clear rubber stamps are one of the earliest rubber stamp creations to be introduced to the market amongst it’s other rubber stamp counterparts. Despite so, clear rubber stamps remain a popular option to this day and for good reason too. If you’re interested in buying clear rubber stamps, you should know that they work a little different from the rest, here’s what you have to keep in mind:

  1. Before Use

Clear rubber stamps come in an unmounted form, with a protective backing that is slightly tacky/sticky when peeled. In order to evenly distribute an inked image, clear rubber stamps have to be mounted on a surface- like a handle or even a wooden block works too. Remove the backing and attach as evenly to the block as possible. Once you are certain it is attached, you can use it just like any other regular stamp.

  1. After Use

Make sure you do not throw away the protective casing your clear rubber stamp comes with. The protective casing can be reused together with your clear rubber stamp to preserve it’s stickiness so keep it with you and reattach it to the stamp once you are done using. The merits of a clear rubber stamp are that they are cheaper and easier to store after all, and what good would a non-sticky rubber stamp be to you?

  1. Maintenance

It is important to note that there are some factors you have to pay attention to when it comes to maintaining the quality of your clear rubber stamps. For one- clear rubber stamps are best kept away from anywhere with dirt and dust as the dust particles may stick themselves to the adhesive part of the clear rubber stamp and make it lose it’s stickiness. Clear rubber stamps are also softer when it comes to stamped impressions and the tinier your stamps, the easier it is for your stamped image to be distorted and the harder it is to be clean.

  1. Washing

Occasional washing is advisable for clear rubber stamps. After you have finished using, leave the clear rubber stamps under warm running water to wash out the ink, and place them in a bowl of warm water with soap to wash away any possible dust. Leave them to dry, preferably on dry towels to absorb any moisture remaining on the clear rubber stamp. Once done, replace the protective layer and store them away.

  1. Storing

There are no right or wrong methods of storing rubber stamps. Some users store them in CD cases or small containers, others store them in small bags and so on so forth.The priority is just to keep dust from interacting with clear rubber stamps. As long as you are able to keep them out of direct contact from sunlight and dust, the clear rubber stamps should be good to go00
These are 5 essential things to remember when using a clear rubber stamp. The clear rubber stamps are mostly easy to use and convenient for storage. They are the most economic version for a start up corporation. So if you want to invest in a rubber stamp, you can try either going for customised rubber stamps or clear rubber stamps.

Posted on: September 22, 2016

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