5 Things To Remember About Multi Colour Rubber Stamps

One of the most creative rubber stamp products ever made available to the market would be multi colour rubber stamps. Not only are they visually appealing and easy to use, there are many versatile uses for these types of rubber stamps too. However, there are 5 things to keep in mind when you own multi colour rubber stamps:

Multi Colour Rubber Stamps

  1. Colours

Multi colour rubber stamps allows users to use multiple colours at once instead of sticking to one colour like other rubber stamp products. This is good for office use when you need to colour code certain documents, for DIY projects and more! It’s also pretty convenient since you have all these colours at your disposal instead of having to purchase more rubber stamps to accommodate that need.

  1. Pricing

The pricing of multi colour rubber stamps could be a little more expensive compared to the rest of their rubber stamp counterparts. This is because they require a certain specific way of being constructed and the overall production effort/time it takes to prepare multi colour rubber stamps take a fraction longer in order to get the product made well. Multi colour rubber stamps are made using laser technology to control the cutting and also inking of the rubber stamps since they are required to be precise.

  1. Spacing

So that there is no colour mixing to potentially ruin your stamped impressions, multi colour rubber stamps are made with spacing between it. A healthy spacing between colouring fields are an average of 2.5 mm but can be customised according to your wishes. Talk to your rubber stamp provider and make sure to discuss about the spacing in between the colour fields as well as the size of the colour stamp pad.

  1. Design

When it comes to multi colour rubber stamps, you can customise the details you want on those rubber stamps as well, though it comes with a price increase. Make sure you get the design specs and guidelines from your designer so that you know how the final layout would look like. If you are designing for your multi colour rubber stamp yourself, make sure to use vector or PDF images for quality.

  1. Test

Practice using your multi colour rubber stamp so that you can familiarise yourself with how to use it. Ask your rubber stamp provider for advice or pay attention to the inclusion of any instruction pages you can follow and practice with. Make sure to ask if you have any maintenance or use questions so that you can grasp the use of multi colour rubber stamps easier.

Posted on: October 20, 2016

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