5 Top Selling Rubber Stamp Types To Try

If you are looking for long lasting rubber stamps to sustain you, there are 5 top selling rubber stamp types you should consider. Their popularity does not come without reason after all, and you will understand why upon using them. Have you tried any of these rubber stamp types before?

Top Selling Rubber Stamp Types

  1. Self Inking Rubber Stamps

Perhaps one of the most economic types or rubber stamps, this rubber stamp type is most commonly used amongst business professionals who require heavy duty use of rubber stamps. With a capability to last for at least 1000 impressions, self inking rubber stamps are easily refilled, durable and travel friendly. Not to mention, they only require 5-10 minutes to create with a vast variety of ink options to choose from.

  1. Acrylic Rubber Stamps

Acrylic rubber stamps, better known as clear rubber stamps, are rubber stamp products that come almost completely transparent so that users can accurately see where they are stamping when they do so. They come with a sticky surface that users can use to easily mount for even ink distribution and can be stored easily with backing sheets to protect it’s adhesiveness. They can be sold individually or by sheets and are a good alternative to consider since they are very affordable.

  1. Monogram Rubber Stamps

Monogram rubber stamps are most popular amongst entrepreneurs, designers and users who are looking to establish their names as brands. Monogram rubber stamps are vastly popular since they can be considered to be the user’s personal mark or “signature” even, often used to distinguish their own services or art from others.

  1. General Phrase Stamps

These types of stamps are considered a staple when it comes to office work. The average business individual can accomplish more and save more time for themselves with rubber stamps that contain phrases like PAID, FINISHED and other commonly used phrases. Not only does it improve productivity, it also gives a hint of professionalism by using them.

  1. Number Stamps

Number stamps have become part of the working person’s arsenal of office supplies. Used for marking dates, number stamps come with easily adjustable fields and wheels so that users can tweak the dates for themselves. This rubber stamp type is widely received since they give a professional impression when dealing with documents.

Posted on: April 6, 2017

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