5 Traits Of A Good Digital Stamp

Digital Stamp

Digital stamps are everywhere if you know how to look. You have free versions that can be downloaded with virtually no catch, you have ones that are commissioned from designers, you have ones that are professionally created by rubber stamp making companies. But how do you know if you’re getting a good digital stamp? Here’s how:

1. Size

When you have downloaded a digital stamp, one of the first things you can check is the size and image quality. Open it up on a photo editing software, or a free online version like pixlr and test it by scaling it up or down into your required size. If it is made with a good quality, it can withstand a decent amount of scaling and still be printed or seen with no loss in image resolution.

2. Editable

Apart from the ones made by your designer, are the digital stamps you downloaded editable? Can they be scaled or reverted? Can you colour them according to how you wish? You have to factor in how and where this digital stamp can be fitted into your intended use. Does it fulfill all requirements or are you experiencing some trouble when you want to make a simple change?

3. Design

Now it’s time to look at the design itself. Are they made of clean lines or do they look messy? The more well defined your digital stamp is, the better it is for future use and editing. You don’t want something that looks messy, especially when it comes to the outline of your digital stamp since it would not be printed well.

4. Purpose

A good digital stamp needs to fulfill all your requirements, especially when you are using it for a project. Was it the outcome as pictured from your expectations? What is the purpose you are downloading this digital stamp for? If there are some aspects that fall short, let your designer know to see if they can rectify it.

5. Print

Once those criterias have been satisfactory, do a test print. Does it come out in a good quality? Does it match well with your desired effect? If your digital stamp satisfies all these aspects, then you got yourself a good digital stamp! Use it well!

Posted on: August 18, 2016

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