5 Traits Of An Ideal Common Seal


Common seals are a necessary part of office supplies when it comes down to things, and it is advised for corporations to own at least one for their convenience. But how do you know where to find/manufacture an ideal common seal of your choice? Here are 5 traits an ideal common seal should have:


A good common seal should allow users to assemble or dissemble it easily and within a short time frame with no resistance or problems whatsoever. When receiving your common seal, check with your common seal provider and if possible, learn and practice how to do so at the location. Make sure that your common seal can be assembled with no difficulty or additional steps.

  1. Embossed image

Apart from assembling, an ideal common seal should also be able to emboss a perfectly clear image on paper material so be sure to test that out as well. Additionally it will be good to understand what kind of material it can emboss and how the thickness of said material will affect the common seal’s ability to create a good embossed image.

  1. Material quality

Research and look into the material that is used to make your common seal before you hire the services of a common seal provider. An ideal common seal should be durable enough for long term usage- especially when you need to use it frequently. A good recommendation would be to look for common seal manufacturers who use reinforced and strengthened steel as it ensures a higher standard of durability.

  1. Packaging

If your profession requires you to do a lot of traveling, then packaging is another issue. An ideal common seal should be travel-friendly and damage resistant. It is usually delivered in a box for safe carrying. Basic precautions should be taken to avoid damage, but make sure to check with your common seal provider on the correct ways to store and pack your common seal away as well as if there is a need for any basic maintenance.

  1. Additional qualities

If you can find common seal providers who are able to go the extra mile for you, that would work very well in your favour. The main function of an ideal common seal is to emboss images clearly onto material in such a way that it is prominent. The next defining quality of an it would be how easy it is to do so. There are some common seal providers who go above and beyond by throwing in a soft rubber insert to improve leverage for users, hereby making the task of embossing a lot more efficient and easier to achieve.

These are the 5 primary traits of an ideal common seal, so be sure to go down this simplified checklist to make sure that your common seal meets all the criterias.

Posted on: May 12, 2016

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