5 types of skin-friendly self inking hand stamps

The demand for Self-inking hand stamps has been on a steady rise ever since it has first been introduced. Self-inking hand stamps are convenient, easy to use, and a simple way of keeping things organized in events, celebrations, parties and the like. In addition with their customizable factors, they also serve as a neat way to jazz up certain functions- especially when it comes to kids and celebration.

But if you’re applying stamps onto skin, there are several health concerns to be careful of, especially when the individual has sensitive skin or are allergic to certain components. It is always best to make sure to get hand stamps containing skin-friendly ink.


Here are a few companies that provide such products:

Dura Chops Pte Ltd (Singapore Branch) – The company has been in business for a considerably long period of time. Dura Chops places the need of being eco-friendly at the forefront- Their range of products are manufactured to offer existing consumers a high degree of health benefits, including the use of non-allergic and non toxic ink, which is gentle to the skin.

One Inkjet – The professionalism and efficiency shown by company staff are some of the key factors that have placed this company at the forefront. The high quality stamps produced are of importance to customers as they have proven to offer top quality self inking hand stamps that keep you free from rashes even when used on sensitive skin. The company has placed high emphasis on environment conservation in its’ eco-friendly manufacturing approach.

Max Stamp -Max stamps prioritize on shape. Another unique characteristic of their products is that the products are transparent. The transparent nature gives you the opportunity to see the place the stamp is placed as an impression is being made. The self inking hand stamps are made of skin friendly water-based ink.

Rubber stamp champ.com – The advantage of this company is their ability to offer customers various products at a considerably fair price. Orders are delivered within 24hrs-48hrs after submitting a request. The products have been tested and proved to give effective results, as well as friendly to the skin.

Singapore Rubber stamp maker – Among the strengths of Singapore Rubber stamp maker is the increasing use of the latest technologies in stamp making. Their aim is in producing the most desired products for customers with greater emphasis on the importance of conserving the environment.

There are many companies providing self inking rubber hand stamps with skin-friendly ink in Singapore as a part of conserving the environment. You just have to know which ones to look for.

Posted on: November 26, 2015

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