5 types of popular Scrapbooking stamp design


Scrapbooking- a fun and family-friendly way of preserving memories through content. It is a hobby that’s been picked up by people all over the world on account of it’s simplicity and the warmth of human sentimentality. As a result, scrapbooks hold the fondest memories of an individual, it’s only natural that some are driven to decorate it to their heart’s contents.

Here are 5 types of popular stamp design ideas that can help further beautify your scrapbooks:

  1. Fonts

Pick, or even customise, your own desired font to be stamped onto your scrapbooks and other material in place of a signature or a sentimental greeting. Experiment with different coloured ink to make the design even more interesting.

What’s even better is that asides from being able to colour code and create your own distinct work, you can also reuse them for other occasions- birthday cards, greetings, and the like.

  1. Symbols/Logos

Logos or symbols are also a good way to add variety in your scrapbook decorations. Not only does it serve to improve designs like borders, or make identification easier ( For example: Identifying baby photos based on which symbol is noted), it can also become a good conversation starter.

It would certainly be more interesting for others to find out why you decided to use certain symbols for a specific family member or category and how it relates to them.

  1. Frames

Jazz up your scrapbooks with the addition of stamps to create unique patterned frames for your memories. Certain stamps like cling rubber stamps or clear stamps are made to be easily customisable as well as reusable so why not make full use of that to etch your very own designs?

Self-inking stamps can also help make the task of stamping easier so you can experiment with making multi-colored frames without much struggle.

  1. Cartoons

Cartoon stamps are a good way to get children interested in scrapbooking as a hobby. With many fun and visually appealing designs to choose from, it can serve to engage both their creativity and engagement. In this way, scrapbook designing can be turned into a family activity that everyone enjoys.

  1. Overlay

Overlaying can be considered both a design as well as a technique. It refers to the practise of covering a layer with another in a repetitive manner to form new patterns and duplicate shapes. You can achieve this effect by using stamps that provide basic shapes and layering the shapes over one another, adjusting the amount of space between each layer and the dark thickness of their lines.

So there you have it- 5 most popular scrapbooking stamp designs. We hope that these suggestions have sparked off some ideas for your next scrapbook page.


Posted on: August 6, 2015

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