5 Types Of Rubber Stamp Friendly Inks To Use

Types of Rubber Stamp
There are a lot of inks that can actually be used with your rubber stamps. Apart from the ink that come with, here are some other types that can be used. Have you tried any of these yet?

1. Dye inks

Dye ink can be used on a wide variety of material because it is resistant to fading and will not smear when it’s dry. Apart from the standard paper, it can also be used on photograph paper, glossy papers, clear or metallic name card stock, glass, plastic and even acrylic! Allow it time to dry and once it does, it stays!

2. Pigment Inks

Pigment ink is a lot brighter compared to regular ink, but is also made of a thicker consistency. Pigment ink is slower when it comes to drying so when it comes to heat embossing, it is the right fit. Pigment ink can be left to dry by itself, however it also depends on what material you are stamping it on. If you are using it on a surface like coated stock name card materials, then you may need to heat emboss it for the ink to dry since it relies on absorption and it can’t do so on coated material.

3. Permanent Ink

Permanent ink stays true to it’s name- it leave permanent stamped images on your material which are fade resistant and water resistant. It dries fairly quickly and can be used on many surfaces including fabric. However, make sure to get a reconditioner as well as leave the ink pad in a cool spot because the ink can evaporate and dry within 20 seconds.

5. Embossing Ink

Embossing Ink is similar to embossing powder, though it is in liquid form. You can form patterns and whatever you wish to emboss, and then go over them with the embossing ink. When heat embossed, the colour and slightly raised structure would pop out magnificently.

These are 5 rubber stamp friendly inks that can be used and combined with your rubber stamps. Some inks can be longer lasting so remember to wash your rubber stamps if you have to switch inks in order to avoid mixing.

4. Watermark Ink

Watermark ink is great for text-weight paper types since the ink is so vastly different from the rest of the inks. If you are looking to create art with your ink, then this is the best choice for you. If you have coloured material, you can even make subtle impressions onto them! Though it is notable that watermark ink is generally a lot more sticky.

Posted on: August 11, 2016

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