5 Types Of Rubber Stamps Every Professional Needs

Increase your daily work productivity and decrease work stress by making use of rubber stamps. With these 5 types of rubber stamps in your office supplies, you will be able to get more done while using less time! Try some of them out for yourself today and witness the improvement it could make to your overall productivity!

Types Of Rubber Stamps Every Professional Needs

  1. Customised rubber stamps

Owning a customised rubber stamp is one of the most essential office supplies every corporation requires. Customised rubber stamps are used to authorise important legal corporate matters, along with the use of common seals. It’s virtually impossible to continue your business without owning at least one company stamp that can help authenticate documents.

  1. Address Stamps

Instead of having to waste time repeatedly writing your company’s address details down on documents, packaging, letters and other relevant areas that require information. Why not save yourself from the hassle and possibility of making errors, by using an address stamp? Get your documents and information across in little to no time with the help of address stamps!

  1. Signature stamps

If you find yourself having to sign a lot of documents in one day, why not make the job easier for yourself by investing in signature stamps? Signature stamps are useful when it comes to dealing with a large amount of paperwork. You will be able to get more done by simply stamping your personal signature stamp onto the documents.

  1. Sale/Discount Stamps

Some corporations make use of discount codes. Others make use of sales offers. If you have several items that are discounted or on sales, as well as different discount rates for different clients, then discount stamps would be ideal for you. Discount stamps not only alert the accounting team that the products are discounted for the customer, making it easier to calculate, they also can be used as a reference to the percentages of discounts, what sales they apply to and more.

  1. Labels

Rubber stamps that double up as labels are a quick method of sorting through documents and keeping your daily tasks organised. With short official labels like PAID, ISSUED, and other relevant labels, you will be able to easily identify the next steps to process the documents you are handling. This can save a lot of time and confusion by eliminating the need to closely scan the details once more and also by providing easy identification in the events of documents being misplaced.

Posted on: February 23, 2017

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