5 Ways To Combine Rubber Stamps With Name Cards

Achieve the best of both worlds by combining your rubber stamps with your name cards to produce creative results and effectively create opportunities for networking. Here are some ways you can use to combine your rubber stamps with your name cards:

Combine Rubber Stamps With Name Cards

  1. Borders

Add onto your name card design by stamping a border around your essential company details with your rubber stamps. Borders are a subtle attention-drawing method to lead the attention of potential clients to the important parts- your name card details. By using your rubber stamps as borders, your name card design stands out.

  1. Logo

Match the logo of your rubber stamps together with your name card design by stamping them onto your name card. Since the ink intensity of your name cards and rubber stamps are different, it could create an interesting emphasis effect. Besides, it could also serve as an unconventional yet positive way of making an impression during business functions.

  1. Background

You could also go for the reverse effect by making your rubber stamp design the background of your name card design to create a layered texture effect. To make it even more special, combine the use of it with different ink or paint to see what you can come up with. For example, rubber stamp designs combined with watercolour paint give a delicate gradient of colours against the name cards when stamped onto the name card material.

  1. Finishing options

Rubber stamps can also be combined with finishing options for name cards. For example- embossing powder. They can be layered with embossing powder and stamped onto the name cards to create a unique mix of overall effects when heated. Don’t be afraid to experiment with a combination of different finishing options and rubber stamps because the possibilities are virtually endless.

  1. Information

If you have address rubber stamps, why not go a step and beyond by customising your rubber stamps with interesting typography? Not only can they be used on your documents, you can also stamp them onto your name card designs and forgo printing on your name cards entirely since your rubber stamp information were already transferred onto the name card.

Posted on: January 26, 2017

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