A convenient way for educational institutes to use rubber stamp (company stamp)

Have you wonder how rubber stamp looks like? Well, rubber stamp is unique and comes with different shapes and sizes. Especially for those school admin assistant or tutors who are really busy doing paperwork, it benefits them as they do not need to sign papers one by one. With this company stamp, they can just stamp it and will help them save time in doing large amount of office documents. Admin assistant can also call to customize or order the company stamps and design it the way that they want. When doing paperwork, admin assistant can use the company stamp to stamp it and it will be neat and organized.

Rubber stamps also known as company stamp normally comes with a 3 types of ink color which are black, blue and red. It is waterproof and refillable.

Most of the tutors love to design their rubber stamps for such as pictures, logo, remarks like stars, good, very good, excellent. It is to reward students that did well. They can save a lot of time by just stamping and do not need to waste money buying stickers or even pasting the stickers on the student books or papers. By having this rubber stamp, tutors able to stamp it in the fastest way.

Most of the rubber stamp is available at the stationery shop but lesser choices. Customers may customize their stamp at the company as there is more availability of preferred choices to choose from. They can also choose their customization stamps based on company name, sizes, font, text radius, color and images.

The advantages of using company stamp are reducing chances of human errors, convenience to use, more preferred designs, waterproof, efficient, cheap and affordable. In addition, customers do not need to use ink pad.

So what are you waiting for? Come and order your preferred choices of rubber stamps now!

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Posted on: March 7, 2014


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