A Guide to Buying Customized Rubber Stamps

Customized Rubber stamps are used for a variety of reasons such as creating cards, gift bags, and scrapbooks. Experienced stampers use them to create everything from wall art to furniture. However, before deciding to purchase customized rubber stamps, one has to know some important things about them. Buyers can search for rubber stamps from brick and mortar stores to even online retailers. Here are some of the guidelines to purchasing suitable customized rubber stamps:

The Difference between Mounted and Unmounted Rubber Stamps

The difference is only whether the rubber stamp has an attached handle on the stamp pad or not. The mounted rubber stamps already have rubber pads trimmed to the appropriate size- that is more preferable to the unmounted ones because they minimize stray ink marks and ensures a crisp finish.

The unmounted rubber stamps requires the buyer to mount the pad onto a wooden block, or acrylic block. Some unmounted stamps are not trimmed and therefore requires the buyer to trim off the excess rubber using a strong pair of small scissors.



Differences between Rubber Stamps and Acrylics Stamps

Sometimes stamps can be made of acrylics rather than rubber. Both materials have their advantages and disadvantages in terms of usage. Rubber stamps are durable and produce a clean and clear image with fine details. But they are usually expensive compared to acrylic stamps and also because they are usually mounted on wooden blocks, one cannot see where exactly the image will be placed.

Acrylic stamps are mounted on acrylic blocks that are transparent therefore the user can see where exactly to print the image. Unlike wooden mounts and rubber stamps, acrylic stamps can be wiped clean using soap and water as they do not stain. Although they are less expensive compared to rubber stamps, some users complain that some details are not visible or can create a wobbly image.

Buying Ink

Rubber stamps are usually sold separately from ink and other supplies. If a pad is labeled pre-inked, then the buyer should only buy a separate ink pad when the ink has run out. But in most cases, one is required to buy an ink pad separately from the stamp.

Type of Ink Used For Rubber Stamps

The type of ink to be bought depends on the rubber stamp one has. But the inks come in many different types that are available in a wide variety of colors and pad sizes. There are also multi-colored pads in addition to single color pads.

Inks for rubber stamping are categorized into; pigment, dye or permanent-solvent based. Dye inks cannot dry on non-porous or glossy surfaces because to create a design, they must soak into the paper. They also work best with rubber stamps and not acrylics. In scrapbooks, pigment based inks are ideal as they do not fade compared to dye inks. Pigment based inks are also ideal for wood and metal crafts. Solvent-based inks are ideal for glassware and ceramics compared to dye or pigment-based inks.

Posted on: December 3, 2015

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