Beginner’s guide to ink application with rubber stamps

Rubber stamps are easy to use, convenient, quick and simple. These versatile products are ideal for art and craft, designing, hobbies and even name cards. Their uses are endless, their design possibilities continue to grow and the demand for rubber stamps only grow with each passing day. If you’ve gotten yourself some rubber stamps and supplies, good for you- here’s a beginner’s guide to ink application with rubber stamps to get you started down the endless and exciting world of design activities:

Bigger stamps

If your rubber stamps end up bigger than the ink pads you are using, you want to be careful with the amount of ink distribution you get on your stamps to avoid uneven stamped images. What you can do is to rest your rubber stamps against flat surfaces like tabletops and other flat surfaces where you can get a good leverage. Once you have found an ideal location, tap your inkpad against the surface of your rubber stamps in a gentle pressure to ensure that the ink distribution is as even as possible. Do a few test prints to see how it works out before applying your stamped images to the intended material.

Smaller Stamps

Rubber stamps that are smaller than your ink pads are ideal since it’s easier to ensure even ink distribution. Make sure you have your rubber stamps mounted on a firm surface- wooden mounts or blocks that allows users to have a good grip and better control. Gently tap your rubber stamps onto the ink pad to avoid over inking the rubber stamp. Test print a few times to understand how much pressure you should exert before applying to your desired material.

Self Inking Rubber Stamps

Self inking rubber stamps are the easiest and best option for you if you are required to stamp multiple documents repeatedly. Not only are they built to give crisp strong impressions, they can be reinked very simply too. Simply stamp down evenly and quickly to get a good stamped mark. To reink, push the self inking rubber stamp so that the ink pad is facing you and lock it in place. Apply the ink and unlock it when you are done, give it time to fully distribute and you’re done!


Check your rubber stamps before you store or use them. There can sometimes be dried ink residue sticking to the edges of your rubber stamp design in clumps. These can compromise the quality and crispness of your rubber stamp design when stamped on paper, they can also potentially discolour your rubber stamps. To get rid of these dry ink residue, you can hold your rubber stamps under running tap water and leave it to soak in water with soap. Gently rinse and soak again to remove all ink and leave your rubber stamps to dry on tissue paper so that the remaining moisture is absorbed into the tissue paper. For an added step, you can also blot to dry.

Posted on: September 5, 2017

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