Wearable Craft- Create Your Own Rubber Stamp Jewellery Today

One of the reasons why rubber stamps are widely adored would be for the fact that they could fulfill more than one purpose. There are so many things one can accomplish with their rubber stamps, and crafting is one such use. Did you know that apart from creating gift wrapping, scrapbooks, or labels, that rubber stamps can also be used to create jewellery? Yup- you heard right. Create your own jewellery with rubber stamps today! ...
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DIY Your Own Gift Wraps With Rubber Stamps In 5 Steps

If you are looking for a fine family activity to accomplish together with your children or you intend to add personal touches to your gifts on festive occasions and you have gift wraps to spare, here is a fun yet economically friendly activity that can help you achieve both requirements. All you need, would be wrapping paper or gift wraps, paper weights, your rubber stamps, ink, newspapers and other material of your choice. Some things ...
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5 Benefits Of Using Chalk Ink Pads With Rubber Stamps

Chalk ink pads are another option that users consider when using with rubber stamps. While most usually go for standard inks like pigment inks and dye based inks for professional matters, one should not be quick to discount chalk ink pads just yet. There are actually quite a number of compelling reasons to begin using chalk ink pads with rubber stamps. Here’s why: 1. Waterproof Chalk ink pads are ideal if you wish to apply ...
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Using brayer type rubber stamps what to know

Brayer type rubber stamps are another popular type of rubber stamps that are receiving warm reception within both the local and international markets. For good reason too- their ease of use, costs and simplicity are some of the best qualities these types of rubber stamps bring to the table. If you heard about these stamps and are considering purchasing some to try out, there are some things you have to know about these types of ...
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Combining different ink types with your rubber stamps: what to use

The ink of your rubber stamps actually contribute a large part to the end results you develop with your stamped images. Different ink types develop differently and morph into effects when used with your rubber stamps against different material. If you are up to some experimentation and have time to spare, it’s time to experiment with these recommended ink types. Try them out yourself and see what you can come up with: Pigment Inks Pigment ...
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5 Aesthetic- Boosting Rubber Stamps To Combine With Name Cards

If you are looking for a cost effective yet highly attractive method to make your name cards stand out, why not try combining your rubber stamps with your name card design? Not only will it serve to make your name card design look much more attractive, you will also be making use of your rubber stamps for more than one purpose. Here are 5 aesthetic boosting rubber stamps you can consider investing in: 1. Corner ...
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Beginner’s guide to ink application with rubber stamps

Rubber stamps are easy to use, convenient, quick and simple. These versatile products are ideal for art and craft, designing, hobbies and even name cards. Their uses are endless, their design possibilities continue to grow and the demand for rubber stamps only grow with each passing day. If you’ve gotten yourself some rubber stamps and supplies, good for you- here’s a beginner’s guide to ink application with rubber stamps to get you started down the ...
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5 Ways to combine marker pens with rubber stamps

One of the best things about rubber stamps is that they can be combined with so many different art mediums to give form to beautiful and unique works of art. You can combine virtually anything with rubber stamps and the demand for such crafts only serve to grow within the market. If you are looking to branch out and experiment using other things together with your rubber stamps, marker pens are a good foundation to ...
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Creating 3D Finish Effects with Rubber Stamps and Paper

If you are looking for different designs and effects to incorporate into your crafts or professional projects, you can make use of different materials to do so. One of the effects one can experiment and recreate without spending too much would be the 3D finish effect. You can achieve this simply with rubber stamps and the material of your choice. Here is what you should do to begin re-creating the 3D effect with your rubber ...
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5 Basic Rubber Stamp Supplies Everyone Needs

Rubber stamps are some of the most affordable and versatile products one can continue to reuse for different activities for an indefinite amount of time. If you are looking for fun and easy ways to fuel the creative spirit in you while simultaneously catering to business needs, rubber stamps are definitely what you need. But apart from rubber stamps, there are also 5 basic rubber stamp supplies you should consider getting alongside your rubber stamps ...
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