Making linocut rubber stamps: Dos and Dont’s

Linocut rubber stamps, also known as Lino, are the type of rubber stamps that are popular amongst aspiring rubber stamp designers due to the fact that it can easily be customised. If you are looking to create your own rubber stamps and use it for crafting techniques like block printing, then linocut rubber stamps are ideal for you. Here are some things you should know if you decide to make your own linocut rubber stamps: ...
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Combining Rubber Stamps With Digital Stamps in 5 Steps

Take the time to make your rubber stamp design more visually appealing through the simple method of combining both your rubber stamps together with digital stamps. When pulled off well, the end result often captures the attention of others in a subtle yet elegant manner. All you have to do is remember and take care to apply these 5 included steps: 1. Preparation To fully make use of layered effect with your rubber stamps and ...
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Combining rubber stamps with salt dough in 5 steps

Rubber stamps are a worthwhile investment not just for their startup friendly costs but also for their general long lasting shelf life as well as versatility. Rubber stamps can be combined with a wide variety of materials and mediums to give life to greater works of creativity. From name cards to glass, to even material like polymer clay, rubber stamps can be applied with ease. One of these mediums rubber stamps can be applied to ...
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5 Ideal carving boards for rubber stamp making

Carving boards are one of the most essential products to acquire if you intend on creating your own customised rubber stamps. Cost effective, easily available and durable, carving boards are the best option when it comes to carving your own rubber stamp images by hand. However, with so many different brands and types of carving board out there, they can be rather difficult to choose from. So if you are a beginner trying to get ...
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Use Rubber Stamps With Chalk Ink Pads Effectively

Chalk ink pads are another interesting alternative compared to regular rubber stamp ink pads. Not only are they simple to use, chalk ink pads also offer a lot cleaner results compared to different stamp ink results. You can combine them with almost all forms of cards/textured paper as well. While the after effects are roughly the same, there are actually some things to note when combining your rubber stamps with ink pads. Chalk ink actually ...
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5 Types of Rubber Stamp Friendly Embossing Powders To Try Out

Embossing powders make excellent finishing options when done right. If you are looking for ways to upgrade and breathe new life into your name cards or even just add a touch of colour to your crafts, embossing is the way to go! But people sometimes overlook the fact that embossing powders aren’t all just one standard powder. Different embossing powders recreate different design effects, so if you are looking for embossing powders, try out these ...
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5 Rubber Stamps and Paper Type Tips To Know

Different paper types can affect your rubber stamps and the stamped images differently depending on their material. If you wish to experiment around with different materials for your stamping purposes, then here are 5 paper type and rubber stamp tips you should know about: Vellum Paper Popularly known as drafting paper, Vellum is a translucent type paper material that is most effectively used when heat embossed. Drafting paper is ideal for stained glass techniques and ...
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5 Resist Techniques To Apply With Rubber Stamps

In the world of crafting, ‘Resist’ is the term used for substances and objects that can help resist effects and colours of other substances/objects when applied. For example, the fact that water and oil do not mix. Wax is often used to repel water based applications. With this concept, create new works of art together with your rubber stamps by merging their effects with these 5 resist techniques. Stand out amongst the rest with these ...
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5 Important Tips To Heed When Combining Rubber Stamps and Acetate

Acetate is another out of ordinary material that can be combined with rubber stamps during the stamping process. However, some precautions and knowledge has to be understood before doing so. Here are 5 important tips you are going to have to know and listen to when it comes to combining these two materials: Safety precautions When using rubber stamps and acetate, always make sure to ask what finishing options the particular brand of acetate is ...
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How To Rubber Stamp on Unbaked Polymer Clay

Not many people realise this but unbaked polymer clay is actually a very popular source material to combine with rubber stamps. With unbaked polymer clay and rubber stamps, you can actually produce interesting crafted pieces. Here’s what you should know about combining rubber stamps and unbaked polymer clay: One of the best things about stamping with unbaked polymer clay is that the malleable material gives users more options for texturing compared to other material. When ...
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