Picking The Right Ink Combination For Your Customised Rubber Stamps

Owning a personalised company stamp allows users to establish their own corporate branding as well as add a touch of professionalism to official documentation. However, customisation is not only limited to the rubber stamp design alone. Every aspect of design and material used can actually be customised, including the ink users pick to combine with their rubber stamp. To pick the right ink combination for different customised rubber stamps, there are certain factors to consider: ...
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How To: Efficiently Apply Pearl Powder With Customised Rubber Stamps

A little personal touch applied to product packaging or name cards with a personalised company stamp can do wonders in terms of improving branding. For users searching for new material to combine with their customised rubber stamps, pearl powder is one finishing effect that holds a lot of potential. However, there are certain application techniques required for the pearl powder to work to it’s best effect. Here’s how one can begin the process: Before application, ...
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Correctly Re-Ink Self Inking Rubber Stamps

Self inking rubber stamps are one of the best kind of customised rubber stamps anyone could own. Travel-friendly, durable and convenient, this personalised company stamp is ideal when it comes to users who require it for heavy stamping on a daily basis. However, there comes a time where even self inking rubber stamps need re-inking to prevent it from running dry. Here are some ways you can re-ink your customised rubber stamps: Take a look ...
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DIY Tip: Combining Shrink Plastic With Customised Rubber Stamps

Since it’s introduction into the public markets, shrink plastic has become quite a popular material option to be combined with customised rubber stamps due to its malleable nature. Much like it’s name, shrink plastic is capable of shrinking up to 45 percent of the original size and can be purchased in several options- black, white, frosted, and clear. Here’s how shrink plastic can be combined with customised rubber stamps: Before beginning with anything else, ensure ...
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Creating Signature Style Personalised Company Stamps- Dos and Donts

Signature style personalised company stamps are a good rubber stamp type to consider when entertaining the thought of adding personal touches to corporate matters. Not only are they travel friendly, signature style personalised company stamps are useful for entrepreneurs who deal with the need to authorise large amounts of documentation on a daily basis. When creating signature style personalised company stamps, there are some basic guidelines to monitor so as to get the best quality ...
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Clear Professional Rubber Stamps- What To Be Prepared For

Clear rubber stamps are one of the most commonly available type of professional rubber stamps in the market to date. If you are looking into customised rubber stamps, clear rubber stamps can be a choice to consider customising with. However, there are certain things about them that you need to understand before you do go through with purchasing them. Clear rubber stamps are accessible to everyone and easily customised. You can purchase them from specialty ...
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Applying Colour Gradients With A Personalised Company Stamp in 5 Steps

Add another layer of dimension and creativity to your personalised company stamp design by experimenting with colour. Most corporations typically go for fixed colours like black, red, and blue for corporate matters. But if you are looking for an attention-grabbing way to establish branding, add a layer of fun to packaging and make your overall design more visually appealing- consider colour gradients. Here’s how you can apply colour gradients with your personalised company stamp: 1 ...
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5 Edit-Friendly Rubber Stamp Templates To Download

In the event that you wish to create your own customised rubber stamps but do not necessarily have design expertise, there are still feasible options to come up with a good rubber stamp design for yourself. Personalised company stamps do not require elaborate detailing, though there are certain design elements one must make sure to include. To make the endeavor easier, there are 5 edit-friendly rubber stamp templates to download and try: 1. Vintage Postal ...
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Wearable Craft- Create Your Own Rubber Stamp Jewellery Today

One of the reasons why rubber stamps are widely adored would be for the fact that they could fulfill more than one purpose. There are so many things one can accomplish with their rubber stamps, and crafting is one such use. Did you know that apart from creating gift wrapping, scrapbooks, or labels, that rubber stamps can also be used to create jewellery? Yup- you heard right. Create your own jewellery with rubber stamps today! ...
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DIY Your Own Gift Wraps With Rubber Stamps In 5 Steps

If you are looking for a fine family activity to accomplish together with your children or you intend to add personal touches to your gifts on festive occasions and you have gift wraps to spare, here is a fun yet economically friendly activity that can help you achieve both requirements. All you need, would be wrapping paper or gift wraps, paper weights, your rubber stamps, ink, newspapers and other material of your choice. Some things ...
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