Buying Customised Rubber Stamps Online- 5 Things To Note


With technology at the tips of our fingers, it is very easy to simply order everything you need online- customised rubber stamps included. However, online transactions always come included with an element of risk. You can’t avoid it but you can definitely take steps to ensure that the probability of that happening to you is reduced. Here are 5 important things to note when ordering customised rubber stamps online:

  1. Research

Regardless of whether you’re buying from online platforms like Etsy, or online rubber stamp service providers, it’s always prudent to do a little bit of research. Pay attention to online reviewers and the comments they have given- especially the negative ones. Are there any grounds for you to believe these reviewers? While you can only take reviews with a grain of salt, the general reputation the rubber stamp designer or corporation has generally gives you a better picture of what you are dealing with.

  1. Liaising

When ordering customised rubber stamps, try to keep conversations through email or texts- places where you can easily trace and track in the event of misunderstanding or miscommunication. This is for an additional sense of security on your part if any discrepancies happen. Make sure to specifically ask the name of the rubber stamp designer and who you can look for when it comes to communicating with your rubber stamp provider.

  1. Questions/Instructions

Before deciding to go through with the purchase, make sure you have communicated your list of instructions and what you desire your customised rubber stamp design to look like. Only proceed if the rubber stamp designer is positive that they will be able to deliver the results to you and clarify all queries you have before you make the confirmation.

  1. Payment

Always remember to keep a copy of proof showing that you have made the payment for your customised rubber stamp. Be it a photograph, an online screenshot or receipts. Alternatively, request for an invoice from their end as well for easy tracking/tracing purposes.


  1. Delivery/Collection

When it comes to rubber stamp providers, they usually offer the option of self collection or delivery. If you are on a deadline, make sure that they can promise a delivery on the date you have set. For security reasons, make sure you clarify with them which delivery services they are using, and if it’s possible for you to track your purchase if it is a bulky one.

With these 5 steps in mind, you should be able to get your customised rubber stamps in a timely fuss free manner. It is important to safeguard yourself whenever online dealings occur. Keep your dealings transparent and respectful, and your rubber stamp designer should reciprocate by doing the same.

Posted on: October 6, 2016

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