Choose The Right Rubber Stamp Ink Pads In 5 Steps

The right rubber stamp ink pads are a good investment to make when you have to use them on a regular basis, especially when they can guarantee a consistent quality result. Here’s how to fulfill your stamping needs and pick the right rubber stamp ink pad in 5 steps:

Rubber Stamp Ink Pads

  1. Research

You can buy different types of ink pads from rubber stamp suppliers, along with other ink refills. Normal rubber stamps can be paired with normal ink pads but for stamp products like self inking rubber stamps, they rely on ink cartridges and slot pads, which can be replaced once the attached slots run dry. Talk to your rubber stamp supplier and see what they can recommend, or find out the ink pads they supply your rubber stamps with. Here are three popular ink pad types to consider.

  1. Pre-inked pad

Save yourself from having to constantly buy refills by investing a pre-inked pad. With an oil-based ink, the pre-inked pad allows users to make numerous impressions while still remaining with enough ink for years! Pre-inked pads offer high quality ink in a wide variety of colours depending on your choices and can be used on an assortment of material. However, it’s not recommended to be used on glossy paper as it takes time to dry and there might be cases of smudging.

  1. Dry inked pad

Dry inked pads are one of the most versatile ink pads to use. Dry pads are suitable for most inks so regardless of whether your ink is oil based or water based or solvent based, you will still be able to use this ink pad. Dry inked pads can also be used to stamp on a multitude of different material as well so it’s an ideal choice.

4. Replacement ink pad/slots

Self inking rubber stamps don’t necessarily need a separate ink pad. However, if the pad has dried out or if you need to change ink colour, there are replacement ink slots and cartridges available as well. Replace old ink slots with relative ease and continue using your self inking rubber stamps to it’s optimal potential.

  1. Criteria

Experiment with other rubber stamp ink pad types to find out the best fitting one for you. Establish a criteria based on your requirements and the type of rubber stamps you are using. Once you have your basic requirements, search for ink pad types that best fit the following requirements.

Posted on: October 28, 2016

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