How to combine rubber stamps with crafting foam

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Craft foam is a highly versatile product which is often used with different forms and mediums to create new and creative pieces of art and design. Produced in colourful foam sheets that are highly affordable, available in large colour spectrums and flexible for use, craft foam are a good product to consider adding to your tool of arsenals when it comes to crafting. If you are using rubber stamps, you will find that craft foam mixes surprisingly well with rubber stamp design.

Here are some of the most interesting methods of combining rubber stamps and craft foam:


While some people prefer acrylic blocks, others prefer rigid wooden mounts. But there are people who would recommend crafting foam as mounting ‘cushions’ instead. Craft foam is very giving in terms of texture and can be used with unmounted rubber stamps as a temporary mount. Craft foam is useful in a sense that it helps by providing a regulation of pressure for even images.


When it comes to rubber stamps, one of the most popular techniques would be to combine rubber stamps with embossing powder to create raised glossy effects. But if you want the exact opposite, you can try rubber stamps with craft foam. By stamping on craft foam, you will be able to impress the image of your rubber stamp into the foam to create deeper impressions.

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What’s interesting to note is that craft foam can actually be useful for making rubber stamps itself. You can cut out the shapes of your rubber stamp onto the craft foam and attach it to an even surface. This will enable you to use crafting foam as your rubber stamp. Not to mention, craft foam works extremely well with pigment inks and can be applied alongside a vast variety of additional material like other inks, chalks, and more!


If you want, you can also use craft foam as additional embellishments for your stamped images. Simply stamp your image onto the material of choice and make use of the foam to make additional structures, shape, colour effects and more!

You can buy craft foam in multiple sheets or already pre-cut shapes at your local craft stores or retail stores. Ask the seller for specifics before you do since some of these craft foam sheets come with finishing options like self adhesiveness or magnetic backs due to being optimised for crafting purposes.

Posted on: August 10, 2017

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