How To- Combine Rubber Stamps with Stretch Canvases

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If you are in the mood for a little experimentation, then why not try out combining your rubber stamps with different material today? For example: Stretch canvases. Try these out and take a look at your own designs- what can you make out of stretch canvases and stamps?

Stretch canvases are also known as artist’s canvases since they are typically the go to material for artists who specialise in paint work. Commonly made with linen or cotton, stretch canvases are usually stretched over canvas boards or frames for an ideal flat yet taut surface to work on. One can easily procure them through art stores or even local craft stores, at different material quality and sizes.

Stretch canvases are a lot more textured when compared to standard cardstock as a result of their woven material, which makes it a little more interesting to work with. Before buying stretch canvas, check to make sure if they are primed or not, since primed surfaces are usually the ones who are made ready for painting. Untreated canvas can definitely be used with rubber stamps too, but will require heat sealing after the ink from your rubber stamps have been absorbed.

One of the challenges most users face is that despite stretch canvas being presented with panels and frames to keep them still, there is still some room for shifting and so can be difficult to stamp on with rubber stamps in the same way one stamps on paper. What you can do however, is place your rubber stamp with the image side up and press the canvas onto your rubber stamp instead. Rub the back so that ink transfer from the rubber stamp to canvas is even.

The type of ink you are using with your rubber stamps can cause varying results. You can combine with pigment inks, permanent inks, archival inks and even go a step beyond with fabric ink. Remember to heat set and seal with a heating tool so that slower drying inks can dry properly. If your rubber stamped images are less than ideal (stray marks, smearing and other problems), you can easily cover them up using white acrylic paint and restart once the paint is dry.

Posted on: August 1, 2017

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