How To: Combine Rubber Stamps With Varnish

Varnish is another material that people are hesitant to combine with rubber stamps because of doubts. However, if you are daring enough to try, then this is the right material for you. Believe it or not, varnish can be safely used with rubber stamps safely, there are just some things to remember while doing so.

Combine Rubber Stamps With Varnish

Varnish is a type of water-based acrylic material that is available in different finishes- matte, semi gloss and more! They serve as a durable enamel like protective layer that prevents your material from being damaged. They are rather quick drying compared to different finishing options, and fairly easy to clean so rest your hearts at ease.

This material is ideal to use in cases where you want contrast, protection, rub resistance, fingerprinting and other important factors. Depending on what you want, it can also varnish metallic inks that have heavy coverage for a better appeal.

When applying varnish with rubber stamps, the material you are applying varnish to actually influences it a lot. You can apply varnish on a wide variety of material- from card stock to matte, synthetic material. For example: coated card stock with smooth surfaces will have the best varnish protection and aesthetic appeal but applying gloss varnish to it will dull the gloss effect. If you are aiming for minimalistic designs, you can apply varnish to your rubber stamps and stamp it on your material- it will offer a smoother, sharper surface area of your rubber stamp image since the light reflected with clear varnish is less diffused. It will definitely catch the eye of the user.

You can also choose to mix varnish into other materials like acrylic paint, dye inks and shimmery powders to create transparent paint, which can make for an interesting effect for those interested in arts and crafts. You can also make backgrounds by using tea dye varnish and aging your documents or decorating with bleach or application with metallic rub on wax.

To apply varnish with rubber stamps, make sure there are even amounts of varnish on your rubber stamp. You can either create a makeshift ink pad with varnish or make use of a misting tool to spread varnish on the rubber stamp. Make sure not to use too much, or too little since wet ink can contaminate varnish and tint your material.

Once you are finished with applying varnish, make sure to wash your rubber stamps with running water and soap. Leave them to soak if necessary and repeat the washing process. If you have rubber stamp cleaners, you can try that as well. When you are done cleaning, dry your rubber stamps with a cloth.

Posted on: April 13, 2017

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