Combining different ink types with your rubber stamps: what to use


The ink of your rubber stamps actually contribute a large part to the end results you develop with your stamped images. Different ink types develop differently and morph into effects when used with your rubber stamps against different material. If you are up to some experimentation and have time to spare, it’s time to experiment with these recommended ink types. Try them out yourself and see what you can come up with:

Pigment Inks

Pigment inks are well noted for the deep intensity and opaqueness of their colours. When combined with rubber stamps and embossing powders, the end effects can are rich, strong and bold. Pigment inks are generally thicker in ink composition and slower to dry than other types of inks, although processes are being conducted in order to invent quicker drying pigment inks. These type of inks are ideal for absorption so heat embossing works best. But do note that if you are using it on coated surfaces of any sort, heat embossing is absolutely necessary or else it won’t dry.

Dye Based Inks

Dye based inks on the other hand, are a lot quicker drying. If you are a beginner, you are generally advised to use dye based inks since the resulting images are less likely to smudge and relatively smear proof. If you are using on lighter coloured material, dye based inks are suitable for you since they offer a slightly faded watercolour effect. Some material like glass, gloss or metallic paper will require the dye based ink to be allowed to cure (for a few days) in order to fully accept the ink.

Blended Inks

Blended inks are also another fast drying option when it comes to different ink types suited for rubber stamps. They are likely to become permanent when heat set but please keep in mind that these types of ink are not suited for embossing. What’s good about blended inks is that they are easily cleaned with water before they dry, so removal is a lot simpler. They are also ideal when used for material like polymer clay and wood so if you are using these mediums, you can consider using blended inks.

Permanent Ink

Permanent ink is super long lasting and fast drying but notoriously hard to remove without professional stamp cleaning supplies. They tend to carry a more pungent smell so if you are using permanent ink, try to use it in well ventilated areas. Permanent inks can be combined with other types of crafting like watercolour paint to create better crafts since permanent inks are generally a lot more resilient.

Posted on: September 7, 2017

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