Combining Rubber Stamps With Digital Stamps in 5 Steps

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Take the time to make your rubber stamp design more visually appealing through the simple method of combining both your rubber stamps together with digital stamps. When pulled off well, the end result often captures the attention of others in a subtle yet elegant manner. All you have to do is remember and take care to apply these 5 included steps:

1. Preparation

To fully make use of layered effect with your rubber stamps and digital stamps, make sure to prepare the materials you will need first. In this case, you will need your digital paper, scrap paper, water spray, ink pads, digital stamps and a suitable editing software of your choice. Once you have gathered all necessary materials, you can begin with the next stage- Planning.

2. Planning

Planning is essential to all things, especially when it comes to creating layered effects. You are required to know clearly what you are doing and why. To begin with, understand and plan what rubber stamp design elements you want in your foreground. These impressions should be clearer, sharper and darker than the ones in your background. Make sure you identify what design elements you want in the background as well- they should be faded and softer compared to the impression in the foreground. You will need to play around with ink to create the layered effect as well so keep that in mind.

3. Background

You can then make use of digital paper and digital stamps to place a background. Position your digital stamp on the position of your digital paper as required and begin tweaking the opacity of your digital stamp using the editing software of your choice. You want the digital stamp slightly transparent for your background. You can then choose to either place another digital stamp as the foreground using full opaque or move on to use colours for contrast addition.

4. Ink

Using ink and your rubber stamps, stamp on the areas of your background and create a soft muted layer effect by using your water spray. Spray a gentle layer of mist onto your ink and dilute it so that it mingles with the background image you have created. This part will require some practise in order to gauge how much water you need to use to dilute the ink in a way that it looks organic together with your digital stamped background image. Once you are done, allow the results to dry.
5. Foreground

Once you have made sure that it is completely dry, you can then decide to add in the foreground using your rubber stamps and your ink pad. Simply use the rubber stamp and ink pad as normal to create a stronger sharper impression onto the layer to create a layered look!

Posted on: July 18, 2017

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