Common Seals: How They Are Made And Used


Before understanding how seals are used, you will need to understand what they are exactly, and how they became prominent. Traditionally, seals were imprinted on parchment with wax. Unique impressions were fixed onto the wax. These waxes not only stated the purpose of these certificates but also helped adhere two pieces of paper together. A company will also use different dyes that were pressed together.

Common seals were used for important documents and pieces of information that needed urgent attention from community leaders. In modern times, seals are imprinted right onto the paper, with the seal placed on paper with a stamping process.





Are Seals For Certificates Necessary?


In many jurisdictions, seals are not only common but required for it to be properly processed. Local companies that want to reach out to a broader audience and partner with international bodies will typically require that sensitive information be sent with proper seals. These seals note that the information in the package or letter is verified and certified by the sender, removing the guesswork of proving the authenticity of incoming mail.

In many cases, lawyers and people who represent the law, will not take letters seriously if they have not been anointed with a common seal. For example, in the United Kingdom, a company seal can act as a signature. When sending sensitive information via mail, many different documents will require signatures from the involved parties. However, gathering signatures from various people, who may or may not work in the same vicinity, is a time-consuming process. If sending an authorized letter to an identity in the United Kingdom, then a common seal acts as a signature. In locations that a seal does not represent a signature, a seal will recognize the validity of the letter.


Common Seals In Singapore


A common seal can be purchased to order, creating unique imprints. Creating an imprint is a collaborative effort, with the customer and company working together to create the proper artwork. After items are finalized, the blueprint is sent. Then lasers engrave a stamping plate, ensuring alignment before it is sent to the customer. If you need expedited service or quick delivery, then there are seal makers that will rush your order, making sure that it gets to you in a timely fashion.

You can also consider rubber stampings if appropriate. These tend to be more affordable and quickly made, with rubber stamps completed in less than 20 minutes. In Singapore, a common seal is typically used to share certificates and sensitive information, like legal papers. Rubber stamps are a bit more versatile, with many companies using them for everyday business operations.

Posted on: September 10, 2015

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