Conditioning Your Rubber Stamps In 5 Steps

Rubber Stamp Maker

What a lot of people don’t know is when you condition your rubber stamps, you will often get a clearer and improved stamping image as your end result! We’ve previously discussed how to store rubber stamps, how to clean them and also maximise their efficiency. Now here’s how to condition them for a sharper better image:

1. Test

So that you have something to compare the results to, feel free to do a test print after you have received the rubber stamp to take a look at the initial quality. If you have purchased the rubber stamps from a good rubber stamp manufacturer, it should already be of good quality.

2. Clean

Before anything else, make sure to clean your rubber stamps. Make sure to clean thoroughly because you want to remove ink coatings and any possible oil residue left on the rubber stamps. Once again, you can either use stamp cleaner from craft stores or make use of warm water to wash off ink and wipe dry with towels.

3. Examine

Take a look at the coverage of your stamp. If you need help with discerning, lightly clean the rubber part of your stamp with an eraser and see if there are large portions that seem extra glossy. Identify those parts and remember them- those are the spots that are not interacting well with your ink.

4. Mark

Using an adhesive remover or your eraser, continue to rub the stamp surface. The colour of these portions will begin to change. If you are using the adhesive remover, it will become a lighter shade of orange.

Once you have accomplished this, clean your rubber stamp with a stamping scrub, which can also be procured in a crafting store.

5. Sand

To make clearer crisp designs, use a sanding block and sand your rubber stamp very lightly until you are satisfied. Then test it out on a piece of paper.

If you have completed these procedures accurately, the end result should be a sharper more defined image. Using this method, you can condition your rubber stamps well and effectively create aesthetically pleasing designs.

Posted on: June 2, 2016

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