How To- Correctly Use Sealing Wax and Common Seals

Laser Rubber Stamp

If you are interested in adding authenticity to your crafts or simply looking for a formal yet interesting way to stand out in corporate affairs, you can consider combining sealing wax with your common seals! There are some techniques that you will be required to use in order to flawlessly do so, so here is how you should go about achieving the perfect results:

A good recommendation when it comes to using sealing wax and common seals is not to directly apply it since there may be a high chance of ruining and staining the material it’s applied on. Especially when it comes to important documents- certain information could be stained and illegible. As an alternative, users are recommended to make a batch and adhere the seal to documents using glue when they need to use it.

To begin using sealing wax with common seals, you need to prepare other materials: Your common seals, wax candles, wax paper or aluminium foil, a spoon, glue pot, oil and heating (embossing) tools. Once you have prepared the materials, get started by spreading out your wax paper and making sure it’s even. Light your wax candle and hold it above the wax paper so that the melted wax pools on the material, make sure to hold at an angle and rotate so evenly melt it. You can also hold the wax candle over the spoon and control the wax pool directly before transferring to the wax paper.
Apply your common seal gently but firmly and hold it in place so that the wax can take on the shape of your common seal. Rock the common seal gently when removing and pull up vertically. An average wait time for heated wax to solidify is from an average of 30 to 45 seconds in total.

One of the best things about combining sealing wax and rubber stamps are that the the sealing wax can be reused and remelted so that the seal can be remade, thereby reducing the amount of waste.

If you have broken candles and bits of wax, use the glue pot and melt the sealing wax into the gluepot. Grease your spoon with vegetable oil and scoop up the melted wax before you transfer to the wax paper. Once you have done so, use your common seal. Make sure you smear the common seal with a tiny bit of oil before you apply it on the sealing wax pool. This is also a good time to add different effects by mingling ink into the wax so that the surface is even more decorative.

Posted on: July 25, 2017

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