Create Logo designs using Extra heavy duty embossing press


Extra Heavy Duty Embossing press is a unique equipment that easily designs logos and brings out special appearances.


Extra heavy Duty Embossing Press has a twin-start that is used for operation and its massive pressure is generated by a square-cut screw mechanism that requires very minimal effort. The machine body is cast-iron and the ball lever consists of some other working parts made up of steel. The machine has also some parts fitted with brass. The machine weighs around 35kg, the weight itself explains the words `extra heavy machine` which is mostly because of the steel parts in the machine.


The centre of the die and the back of the throat measures 6” or 150mm between the two points. That makes it easier to scroll the certificates or the documents when sealing a logo. Specifying at the order time is crucial as it makes it possible to emboss either from the bottom, top or on the side. It is even possible for two security padlocks to be carried when the machine is fitted with a stainless-steel bolt. The machine is highly effective because of its features and makes it appropriate when designing logos on a large volume of documents, those with parchment or extremely thick papers.


Logos are very important for companies or institutions. That is because they are one of the few features that differentiate them from other companies or institutions. They are also used by institutions such as academic ones in certificate credentials for authentication purposes since it’s almost impossible to make a forged copy. Logos are also used by government institutions in issuance of important documents such as land title deeds or court orders which are not easy to forge and the logos make them genuine. Extra heavy duty embossing press is the perfect machine for designing these logos.

Designing a logo with an extra heavy duty embossing press requires highly qualified experts to make it look professional and presentable. The following steps should be keenly followed to achieve that, these steps include:
• Swing ball which also acts as the lever.
• Ensure the impression size takes up to 90mm diameter
• Maneuver the ball lever until you are assured that the logo at the bottom is sealed
• Take out the paper at the bottom and see the results.
• Repeat the procedure until the logo becomes perfect


The above procedure requires little training to produce the perfect logos. To continue making perfect logos, the machine also requires proper maintenance which is only to keep it safe and apply the greasing in the necessary parts. That is because its design feature requires little maintenance to keep it fit.


Extra heavy duty embossing press is easy to use in designing logos and the common seal makers have all the necessary knowledge and expertise in designing quality logos.

Posted on: September 17, 2015

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