Creating Your Own Artwork Rubber Stamps In 5 Steps

Laser Rubber Stamp

If you are the type of person who enjoys crafting your own individual designs for gifts and other artistic ventures, then making your very own artwork rubber stamps should be right up your alley! Unlike professional rubber stamps, artwork rubber stamps leave more space for artistic expression.

Here’s how you can make your own in 5 steps:


Draw out your design on a piece of paper with sharp clear dark lines and cut it out as closely as possible. Once you have gotten your “template”, place it onto the carving rubber and do your best to transfer the markings you have made on the paper to the carving rubber. Keep pressing and transferring the markings as best as you are able. This is so you will know where to carve for later stages.

2.Test practice

Once you have gotten your basic design out, it’s time to practise carving! Some pointers to note: Always cut away from your body in case you slip! If you are new to carving, feel free to experiment with different carving tools to familiarise yourself with the cut and also width each carving tool offers. It’s also helpful to note that shallow cuts can give you more control so if you need additional leverage, make a few shallow cuts before you proceed to carve.


Whenever you are feeling confident enough, you can begin with the carving. Start by tracing and placing shallow cuts on the outside of your design so that they can act as guidelines when you get to the meat of it. Once you have done so, you can begin whittling away as you see fit BUT remember that what you are getting rid of if the part of the design you do not want when you stamp your rubber stamp (negative space). To make it safer, you can mark negative spaces in pencil before you begin carving so that you do not accidentally carve the necessary parts away.

4.Test print

It’s natural to rake up some rubber dust when it comes to carving. Be sure to brush or clean them off as best as you can so that you can get a neat print when you use your rubber stamp. Dip your stamp into some ink and do a few test prints. This is essential since it helps you spot unwanted pieces or minor mistakes. It’s also helpful to note where it doesn’t seem clean enough and work on it. Keep test printing until you are satisfied with the results of your self made rubber stamp.


After all the hard parts, now comes the last and optional step. Mounting your rubber stamps onto a wooden block is helpful for even ink distribution. Cut away the excess parts from your rubber stamp and stick the rubber piece onto the wood block with strong glue adhesives and let it dry!

With these steps, you should find yourself with your very own custom stamp! Get creative- typography, artwork, portraits…literally anything goes!

Posted on: June 16, 2016

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