Creating signatures with rubber stamps

When an individual has the right carving rubber, tools and simple design they can produce excellent rubber stamps. For one to make a high-quality stamp, they require the following tools and materials: a ruler, carving blades, a craft knife, stamp pad, carving rubber, a pencil, a plain white paper, and an eraser. Furthermore, one may also require a muslin bag, wooden block or disc, and a strong epoxy resin.

Just like the other normal rubber stamps, signature stamps are made using similar procedures. First, one should make their signature on a piece of plain paper. Then, they should use their ruler to measure their exact desired dimensions on the carving rubber. After the measurements, they should proceed to cut out the design using the craft knife.

The cutout design is then placed face down on the carving rubber, and its back burnished using an eraser or fingernails. After cutting out, the stamp designer continues to burnish till the design is transferred effectively. Burnishing must be conducted until all the design is transferred to the rubber carving. The blades are used to rid of the unnecessary parts of the rubber. The cut outs make the efficient spaces when the signature stamp is used on a surface. The stamp design is shaped by cutting on the outer edges of the design precisely with caution.

The process of making rubber stamps in Singapore is affordable, and after the unwanted parts are cut out, the signature stamp is ready for use. Nonetheless, for a professional finishing to be obtained, additional steps need to be included. The stamp maker uses the carving knife to make the spaces uniform. The sense of uniformity is achieved through the use of shallow cuts that are parallel to the carving rubber’s surface. The correct blade sizes are then used to create smooth finish on the signature design.

After lettering, the rubber dust is brushed off. Then, the stamp is inked with fundamental dye ink pad to sample its prints. Sampling enables the stamp maker to assess the neatness and cleanliness of the signature stamp. Removal of the unwanted rubber parts is done to make sure that the print made by the rubber signature stamp is neat and professional.

The signature rubber stamps are important when many documents require signing. The design on the stamp is made from a replica of the top managers’ original signatures. These kinds of stamps are authorized for use by a small number of employees in an organization for security purposes. In the cases where a large number of documents require the signatures of top managers, the signature rubber stamps in Singapore are used.

Therefore, the makers strive relentlessly to make sure that every customer receives their satisfactory customized prints for official use. The stamps are then mounted on a wooden block to enhance uniform pressure on the signature stamps for clarity when used.

Signature rubber stamps in Singapore play a vital role when large numbers of documents require top managers’ signature to authenticate effectively them.

Posted on: March 10, 2016

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