Creative Tips On Using Pearl Powders With Rubber Stamps

Pearl powder offers a delicate yet beautiful sheen effect to things when applied correctly. If you intend to combine pearl powder with your rubber stamps, there are actually some things you should be aware of when you do. Here’s what you should take note of:

Creative Tips On Using Pearl Powders With Rubber Stamps

Pearl powder can be used sparingly since they can be added in gradual increments unlike components like ink or paint. As an added recommendation, the material you are using it on can also affect it’s intensity. If you want your pearl powder shimmers to take center stage in terms of focal points, you can use darker colours like black or charcoal material so that the sheen can be seen in vivid detail. If you want pastel shades and delicate almost watercolour effects however, you can consider using white material so that the pearl material takes on a softer appeal.


Pearl powder can be mixed with substances like fabric prints and gum arabic to create customised pearl paints for crafting purposes. Delicate yet shimmery, you can create fabric paints with high shine that can be used to draw in attention without being too vibrant.

You can also mix pearl powder with floor polish and other stronger substances to make a suitable paint material for tricky to use materials like acetate and any other material that contains a vinyl finish. They can enhance colours and really make your design pop with their glow.


Pearl powders can be combined with pigment inks and rubber stamps to add emphasis on the stamped images and create a colourful effect so that it looks more refined. In addition, you can also brush the powder over your rubber stamped images before the embossing process so that your rubber stamp marks stand out even more. If you are looking for craftier aspects, you can even choose to colour in your designs with pearl powder and smear softly to add to a final effect.

And there you have it- this is how you can effectively make use of pearl powders for your crafting purposes. Combine pearl powder and rubber stamps for products like name cards and you can make sure that your design will stand out above the rest. Pearl powders are the best option to look for if you want subtle elegant designs, or rich opulent effects. There are a lot of possibilities one can achieve with pearl powder since the substance is highly versatile and can be used with different techniques. Experiment to find out the best design for yourself!

Posted on: May 4, 2017

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