Customise Rubber Stamps With These 5 Materials


1. Ink

Apart from the standard ink, you can customise your rubber stamps with different ink types like specialty ink. You can also select different hues and colours for the ink you use as well. It not only makes a bold statement for you, it also helps clients retain memory of your business in their memory more- like how many corporations are daring enough to use teal ink for their customised rubber stamps?

2. Mount

There is generally no fit rule as to what you can use to mount your rubber stamps. As long as it can give an even distribution of ink to your stamped image and fit into your pocket, you can use it as a mount for your customised rubber stamp. Some corporations have been used to design even the mount itself! For example, the mount of your customised rubber stamp could look like a tower if you are in the architectural business.

3. Shape

The overall shape of your rubber stamp can be customised as well. The production of your customised rubber stamp may cost more if you wish to alter it’s shape but if you are willing to invest in it, you can basically alter the shape of your rubber stamp to fit. For example, a star shaped stamp head and other assorted shapes. As long as the shapes retain enough space for your design, you should be able to customise it at a higher price and a slightly longer waiting time.

4. Frame

The frame of your rubber stamp can also be customised. For example, some individuals are known to prefer customised rubber stamps that can fulfill more than one need. Like becoming a makeshift bookmark- travel friendly and functional, retaining it’s original purpose while tending to another as well. It could certainly serve as an interesting conversation starter.

5. Additions

You can also add in certain additions to your customised rubber stamp to make it even more unique. For example, you can form a small casing at the end and attach it like a keychain. Or even make the body of your rubber stamp magnetic and other additional aspects. A subtle, professional way of showcasing your own creativity!

Posted on: December 8, 2016

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