Customise Your Own Common Seals In 5 Steps

  1. Select a common seal provider

There are countless of corporations offering rubber stamp and common seal services no matter where you reside. Technology has made access to these services easy as you can find details and information online. Consider what functions you require and what type of common seal would be ideal for you. Then examine the terms in the provider’s services: Do they offer delivery? How soon would you be getting the common seal? How much would they cause? Are there any additional fees for assembling or disassembling them?

  1. Design

Once you have found a suitable provider, the next step would be customising your own common seal. The providing company would usually have designers whom you can liaise with in terms of coming up with proposed templates and ideas for your common seals at an additional service charge.

But apart from so, there are also providers who allow clients the options of self-designing their own common seals. Like the 24 hour accessible common seal designing template here, which can actually enable you to get your design confirmed faster, speeding up the overall time your common seal will be ready. Make sure to also inquire how the process of amendment works if there is a possibility that you may need to edit some design aspects.

  1. Delivery

Check to see if there’s a delivery option available if you are pressed for time. To ensure the delivery process is a smooth one, you can ask the providers what methods of delivery are available and if they use the assistance of external delivery services. Sometimes it could be a lot more “worth-while” for self collection depending on the distance and time as well as charges.

  1. CollectionDepending on the provider, some offer the option for clients to travel down to the physical location and collect their common seals themselves. It is a good opportunity to visit and ask any other possible questions when you are at the location. It can also be a time where you seek advice on the usage of the common seal, how to properly store and assemble or maintain and other relevant information you may require.
  1. Practice/Test

Don’t forget to test out your common seal to ensure that it’s fully functional! It wouldn’t hurt to practice a little until you get the hang of it as well so that you won’t have to go through the inconvenience of visiting again or having to call when there are problems.

There you have it- simple, relatively fuss free and made for your convenience! Don’t forget to get your own customised common seal today!

Posted on: March 31, 2016

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