Customised rubber stamps- 5 details to include

Apart from the generic rubber stamps you see, most rubber stamp makers and providers do offer services for customisation at reasonable prices. Based on your preference, you can choose from a variety of templates and alter them or make your own template for your stamps.

Here’s what you can consider before you finalise your design for the customised rubber stamps:


  1. Individuality


Regardless of your profession, a good practise to have is always to make your brand or services easily distinguished compared to others by way of designing a logo. Spend some time designing your own logo and decide on the placement of it on your rubber stamp.

Most rubber stamp manufacturers offer you a variety of shapes and sizes to choose from as well, so go for something that fits better.

Apart from the logo, you can also opt to put a short slogan if there is enough space for it.


  1. Essentials


While unique designs are a good way to distinguish yourself, let’s also not forget about the essentials. If you are working in the business industry, it would be ideal to include your company name, address, contact details and other relevant information upon your customised rubber stamp, depending on the amount of space it has.

This way, people will have ready access to information when they need to contact you.

If you are an entrepreneur or doing freelance work, you may want to consider including either a signature or a name that others can use to identify you by.

customised stamp

  1. Authenticity


To prevent people from copying your logos and information, you can also add in a company registration number as this is usually how your company can be traced and identified.

If you are a freelance designer, commission artist or content producer, you can display your creativity as well as prove the authenticity of your work with your customised stamp, much like a physical watermark so that others cannot pass off imitation goods as yours.


  1. Personal Signature


The use of a rubber stamp signature can be rather convenient as it saves you the time from having to sign each document individually. Trusted Authority figures in the company can own one so as to give approval at a faster time rate than others and speed up efficiency.

Rubber stamp signatures can also be customised in travel friendly sizes so that there is no hassle to bring it around.


  1. Design


Be realistic about what you want to fit into your customised rubber stamp. Most rubber stamp makers are amenable in providing a template if you intend to design your stamp yourself. Based on the template given, you can adjust the design according to your wishes, bearing in mind the scale and what the final product will be like.

Not everything can be fit into the single space provided so identify the most important material that is required first before filling in the rest so that you have a better gauge of how much you can place in.

Posted on: July 23, 2015

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