Designing custom rubber stamps- do’s & don’ts


There are several do’s and don’ts when it comes to custom rubber stamps. Generally, designing custom stamps is not a complicated endeavor.


The first thing you should take into consideration when designing custom stamps is to look for quality ink. Customised rubber stamps by stamp makers in Singapore generally have better impressions. This can be attributed to the time it takes for the ink to dry on the surface. Good quality ink ought to take less than a minute to dry up on the document in order to avoid spillage.


In order to create a great impression and increase your level of professionalism both to members of staff and to the public, make sure to include all relevant and accurate details in your stamp. This way, it will help in limiting misunderstanding and also save time when you need it for a large batch of documents to receive authorization.


Secondly, consider the cost of making stamp. Customized self-inking rubber stamps are cost effective as they do not require separate ink pads in order to create impressions. They are also long lasting, this goes a long way in saving costs either in office settings or a personal setting.


Thirdly, decide on the type of custom stamps that you want to make. Custom rubber stamps offer a great variety and a wide base to choose from. You can get office stamps, date stamps, pre inked stamps, quad stamp, acrylic stamps, and semi–mounted stamps. This offers the convenience of creating impressions only of details you would want to appear. The inks also come in the wildest range of colors. This can help to blend with the color of the surface you will be making impressions on.


Fourth, decide on the specific size and shape of the custom stamp that you want to make. Custom rubber stamps from rubber stamp makers in Singapore come in different shapes and sizes. This is great if you want to express your artistry and stand out from the multitude. The advantage with designing custom rubber stamps is that your documents seem to have a lot more work put into refining them.


However, there are a few things that you should avoid when making custom rubber stamps. For one, consider your budget because the process of designing and maintaining custom rubber stamps can be expensive. The costs can arise from the design process as some may need the intervention of talented artists to come up with artistic expressions of impressions.


Additionally, avoid copying another person’s designs or repeating a design over and over. Designing custom rubber stamps requires high levels of creativity and artistry to stand out. This can be time consuming as you try to come up with great designs that you can use either for official use or just as a means to express your artistry.

Posted on: October 1, 2015

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