Different types of Electronic Stamps

Rubber Stamp Maker

Rubber stamps are here to stay, one can already see that now. There are new models of stamps which are being made with each passing day. Even here in Singapore, the rubber stamp makers are continually expanding their shops so that they can settle the demands of their expanding numbers of clientele. So below is a look at some of the modern electronic rubber stamps out there:

Jet Stamp-790 Ink Jet Printer Electronic Hand-stamp

The Jet-Stamp 790 electronic hand stamp is a stamp that has been cleverly designed in such a way that it is coupled up with the portability of a regular hand-stamp while using jet ink printer technology at the same time. It has been made so that it serves all the needs one may have as far as rubber stamps are concerned. This makes an excellent travel companion for conferences and trade shows. The only thing one has to do is choose a variety of words and phrases that he or she might use, and they are good to go. One can also opt to program their electronic hand-stamp so that they now have a customised rubber stamp.

With this stamp, one does not need to apply a lot of pressure to make an imprint. The imprints are nevertheless very sharp. This stamp can be used on uneven surfaces, and the imprints will still be legible.

Reiner jet stamp-792 MP for Metal and Plastic

As the name suggests, this electronic stamp can be used on metals and plastics. It is a very effective stamp that prints very fast on all surfaces regardless of whether the surfaces are mobile or stationary.

This stamp has the option of writing 1 or 2 line texts whereby one can have a number, a date, and text. The surprising thing with this stamp is that the prints can be stored in the system. It is possible for one to program up to 25 prints into the system. It is also important to note that this model of the stamp does not run on batteries. It is a permanent power machine.

Jet-Stamp-790e for Stamping Eggs

Anyone running a business where they need to stamp, or mark eggs on a large scale should get this fantastic stamp. This stamp has a soft pad mount to protect the eggs from any damage. It has also incorporated a technology where during the printing, the stamp does not contaminate the eggs. The stamp also has a run time of up to 6 days on standby and then after that, one may have to replace the batteries.

Tezet-Stamp Machine

This is the most suitable stamp that can be used to do repeated high volume stamping. With this stamp, you can use it from the moment you purchase it. It does not require a stamping pad. One usually gets supplied with one text plate with the text that you choose. With the tezet stamp machine, one makes up to 100,000 impressions at a go. Afterwards, you can get additional text plates.

Posted on: February 11, 2016

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